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Avnet's IoT ecosystem

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Developers face the pressures of time, cost and complexity throughout the product development journey. That’s why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that’s with you at every step.

Concept, Design & Prototyping

IoT standards are changing, design cycles are shortening and competition is increasing, making it harder than ever to jump into the Internet of Things. Once you have an idea, it takes hard work to bring that product to life: from scoping and concepting the idea to overall design and then prototyping and piloting. With Avnet, whether you’re at a small startup or a major OEM, there are more than 2,500+ engineers who bring real-life expertise—and access to line cards across a variety of suppliers—to your designs.

More than managing a specific piece of technology, moving from an idea to a prototype requires the right management of knowledge. Especially since there will be 180 zetabytes of IoT data generated by 2025, the time is now to trim down the nearly 10 partners it often takes to get to market.

Here’s where a strong end-to-end partner can help you, especially in the concept, design and prototype phase:

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Adapt to the speed of change in the market and accelerate your roadmap

Leaders often are looking to get to market faster. But that’s not just fast for fast’s sake: moving faster means beating the competition, proving value to investors and calming fears of the board. That’s all easier when you have the backing of a Fortune 500 company to get ideas from concept to prototype in record time. A partner who can quickly assimilate into your team with not only expertise but also stability is crucial to avoiding reinvention in the design phase—especially because this will only cost more in later phases.


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Get the resources to move ideas from the whiteboard to the hands of consumers

Once developers have sign-off on the vision for their IoT project, the real work begins. However, many of the most crucial phases of product development happen before the factory begins rolling—in the design phase. From getting the operational and information technology teams aligned on ideas to ensuring all stakeholders’ feedback is reflected in the design, engineering an IoT solution from a sketch to a real prototype can get messy—whether your deadline is to impress the CEO or complete a large-scale pilot.


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Tap into the largest global community of skilled IoT engineers ready to help

Slim teams at startups and small businesses aren’t subject to a different set of rules when it comes to launching an IoT project. The underlying challenge is having the expertise to understand how electrical engineering decisions impact mechanical engineering ideas. This skill set is not only hard to find, but is often costly. Plus, small businesses often are looking to scale—fast. Finding a stable partner who can help design v1 of a prototype while remaining flexible during development of versions 2, 3 and 4 is crucial to a fruitful partnership long term.


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