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Avnet's IoT ecosystem

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Developers face the pressures of time, cost and complexity throughout the product development journey. That’s why Avnet has invested in creating a unique ecosystem that’s with you at every step.

Deployment, Post-Sales & Lifecycle

IoT solution development is not like product development. There’s no such thing as putting it on a shelf and moving on. IoT deployments are never static. Today’s groundbreaking technology is tomorrow’s old news—and that creates organizational, technical and profit challenges for your business.

If your secure protocol gets hacked tomorrow, who will fix it? Who ensures your customer service center understands your unique solution and can solve for it on the spot with customers? Who has eyes over field installation? Depot repair? Environmentally responsible disposal and replacement?

Avnet is a global partner who can help you deploy, support and scale solutions in an effective, reliable way to guide success today and help set you up for profitability tomorrow:

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Get best-of-breed support to get more out of your IoT data—and revenue stream

IoT impact is measured through innovation. As an IoT leader, you’ve been tasked to bring about major digital transformation. Launching your latest solution is not where that job ends. Having a partner who can adapt your relationship to changing needs and be as knowledgeable as you are about your business ensures more than just success, but peace of mind. That way, you always have the latitude to go into the big meetings saying “Yes, we can scale,” or “Of course we can add that functionality,” knowing there’s a global partner in your corner.


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Rely on a partner for DevOp service and support for every version of your IoT product

Your core business isn’t launching IoT, it’s providing your customers with innovative end user experiences and products. So having the support of a partner who understands your wider enterprise concerns can set you up for success, whether it’s preventing downtime, streamlining workloads or just ensuring stability in the field. With a partner that has a global point of view, you gain access to not just a new set of eyes to solve problems, but the experience and expertise to avoid them in the first place.



Use a global partner as an extension of your team for leading cloud and digital tools

As a small startup team, it often feels like big businesses have insight into things you don’t. The bad news is that often they do; their deep relationships with suppliers gives them understanding into new innovations way before they make the headlines or hit the shelves. But having a global partner with similar relationships means your organization instantly has more clout. You never have to worry if a VC knows something you don’t, or will catch a problem you can’t solve, because you’ll have a partner who can deliver on company objectives reliably and create solutions to keep up with the competition.


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