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Adopting IoT can cause major impacts on your business' architecture, standards, security and business models. Even the savviest business planners will likely encounter multiple barriers to adoption. Most companies need an industry expert by their side to be successful. 

Avnet helps companies adopt IoT strategy and technology to create a host of new digital opportunities across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, oil and gas, fleet and logistics. We're also part of the groups helping to shape emerging global IoT standards, including the IoT M2M Council and the LoRa Alliance.

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Our goal is to ensure you have the latest IoT info and educational resources to profit from the booming IoT market. Benefits of partnering with Avnet for IoT solutions include:

  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Process optimization
  • Instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems
  • Take preventive measures with predictive analytics capabilities
  • Minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • Gain business opportunities with BI
  • Competitive advantage

IoT is a growth area, and will remain so for many years. Still, you can’t jump into IoT just to say you’re there. Avnet can help you vet, understand and articulate how IoT can truly help your business through:

Proof of value workshops

Our workshop moves beyond the theory of IoT to provide you with the knowledge and the concrete steps for creating and accelerating sales opportunities. We’ll work on:

  • Use case definition
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Your IoT roadmap, including how to build and deploy a pilot project and value realization
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Audit and readiness assessment

We’ll map out your digital capabilities, explore how IoT can enable outcome-driven business models, explore specific scenarios on how IoT can transform your business and assess your current state of readiness for actualizing IoT.

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Transformation roadmap strategy

We assist our customers in reaching their business goals with services that support them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature and impact of transformational technologies.

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These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, helping vendors and system integrators to build a practice around these IoT solutions.

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