Industrial Automation with Tianma & Avnet

The full spectrum of display solutions

To meet the evolving needs of production automation and process facilities, you constantly strive to meet new demands with innovative solutions. The face of many such products is a computer display that brings industrial applications to life for production staff.

Because effective, efficient human-machine interaction is essential to any production environment, Tianma is an ideal LCD solution provider for your needs, offering leading-edge, ruggedized display technology for deployment in the harshest environments. As a leader in small to mid-size displays, with a focus on industrial markets, Tianma can support a wide range of requirements, from small, basic designs to larger offerings with sophisticated capabilities.

These displays are ready to serve a variety of functions in your industrial automation solutions, from simple character or passive displays to the advanced functionality of a high-end graphic TFT LCD. And Avnet is ready to help you determine how to integrate cutting-edge display into your solution while bringing your product to market on time and on budget, no matter where in the world you scale to next.

Displays engineered to meet specific application needs

Whatever requirements your products have for small or medium-sized displays, Tianma likely has an offering to fit the bill. Products span a wide range of diverse LCD technologies, including passive character and monochrome, a-Si and LTPS-TFT LCD, as well as AMOLED products.

Tianma’s standard product sizes range from 1.x to 30 inches in size, with enhanced solutions such as PCAP touch and Outdoor Viewable technology. Whether you need a simple passive display or a highly customized, interactive point of presence, Tianma provides the basis for robust, dependable human machine interface solutions.

Tianma displays feature module designs that also allow for efficient upgrade and customization. This includes displays designed to more easily support fully ruggedized systems against hazards such as shock, vibration, temperature extremes, dust and water. As a fully industrial-grade solution, these products also feature long product life, stable production and extended support windows. Coupled with our extensive expertise, global facilities for engineering, integration and custom manufacturing and global service infrastructure, Avnet and Tianama create display solutions that are built to last in industrial environments.

Drive up display quality with Tianma

Power next-generation human-machine interaction and user experiences with a full range of small and medium liquid crystal display modules. Tianma offers optimized products to meet your full range of embedded application requirements for industrial automation.

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Tianma Displays

7” TFT LCD Module (TM070RVHG01-01)

WVGA display measuring 7” diagonally with integrated PCAP touch sensor and resolution of 800 x 480 pixels

Tianma 7 inch TFT LCD Display

Tianma Displays

12.1” TFT LCD Module (NL12880AC20-20D)

WXGA display measuring 12.1” diagonally with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels

Tianma 12.1 inch TFT LCD Display

Tianma Displays

10.1” TFT LCD Module (TM101DVHG01-00)

WSVGA display measuring 10.1” diagonally with integrated PCAP touch sensor and resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels

Tianma 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display

Tianma Displays

15” TFT LCD Module (NL10276AC30-42D)

XGA display measuring 15” diagonally with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels

Tianma 15 inch TFT LCD Display

Tianma Displays

10.4” TFT LCD Module (NL8060AC26-52D)

SVGA display measuring 10.4” diagonally with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels

Tianma 10.4 inch TFT LCD Display