Industrial Automation with Microsoft & Avnet

Building IoT into industrial automation

The rise of industrial automation in factories across all industries and sectors is transforming operations, including the streamlining, controlling and monitoring of production floor processes. You need to present modern capabilities to your customers while still focusing on core functionality. The adoption of IoT also makes it possible for these machines to communicate across the production line, responding to changing conditions in real-time.

Microsoft and Avnet have developed a software-as-a-service approach to help you build competitive advantage into your IoT-enabled industrial automation solutions. Your products will enable your customers to tap into the power of data to spark better business decisions that improve their manufacturing processes and production lines.

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For manufacturing companies who have already installed sensors, actuators and other low-level devices in their existing industrial automation systems, upgrading and retrofitting IoT-enabled devices is a simple path to modernization.

Unleashing the power of data

The key to success is making sophisticated use of the data that you gather. So, the industrial automation networks that collect data also need to communicate it to the cloud or a data center where big-data technologies such as Hadoop take over. Then, you’ll need to use data science techniques and predictive models to generate value from the data. Here’s how we can help you bring it all together in one industrial-ready solution, powered by Microsoft Azure:

  • Real-time insights from connected devices. Avnet’s Smart Factory solution helps you keep track of production on your factory floor and measure production performance. We make it possible for you to collate and analyze data across machines, to make your processes faster and more efficient. You gain real-time insights from the connected assets and drive efficiencies with IoTConnect™.

  • Monitor and track assets remotely to gain rich insights. Avnet’s Smart Asset Monitoring solution can help you make the most out of your aging assets and reduce lifecycle costs. We can also help you monitor your virtual assets such as data from various business systems. The predictive analytics capabilities reduce technology costs and improve the efficiency of your business processes.

  • Employee monitoring solutions to increase safety. Avnet’s Smart Connected Worker IoT SaaS solution helps improve worker safety in manufacturing plants, refineries, mining operations, power generation facilities and all kinds of industrial sites through the use of intelligent sensors, safety vests and specialized wearables.

  • Monitoring and intelligence to improve efficiency. Avnet's Smart Occupancy / Warehouse solution makes the most of sensor-based analytics and predictive intelligence to help you improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Now it’s time to kick-start your industrial automation IoT journey. Learn more about these smart solutions powered by IoTConnect™, a cloud platform that facilitates device communication and management, data storage and app creation. It is ideal for creating IoT solutions and digitizing your business. The platform helps address common challenges many companies face, including unexpected downtime, low efficiency and lack of information needed to take corrective measures.

Adopt a smart future with Avnet and Microsoft

Get to market faster with preconfigured solutions from Avnet and Microsoft for smart industrial automation related to factories, assets, workers and warehouses. Our IoT experts will help you customize and complete these scalable and repeatable applications to fit your specific needs.

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Smart Factory use case

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IoT and the Smart Factory

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Industrial automation

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IoT Solutions

Smart Factory

Track production and measure performance; collate and analyze data across machines to gain real-time insights with IoTConnect

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IoT Solutions

Smart Asset Monitoring

Optimize the value of aging assets and reduce costs; monitor data and other virtual assets; use predictive analytics to improve efficiency

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IoT Solutions

Smart Connected Worker

Improve safety of industrial workers through the use of intelligent sensors, safety vests and specialized wearables

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IoT Solutions

Smart Warehouse

Use sensor-based analytics and predictive intelligence to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations

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