Industrial Automation with Intel® & Avnet

Enable IoT from the edge to the cloud

The design process for industrial automation requires you to continuously push the envelope in terms of the ability to derive value from data. Customers expect to cut costs, increase efficiency, improve decisions and even predict the future—all based on the insights your solutions deliver.

Industrial IoT performs these feats by gathering data from diverse sensors and devices, seamlessly integrating it into a coherent data stream and performing analytics on it, often in real time. That requires hardware and software technologies that are standards-based for interoperability, robust to deliver performance and secure to protect data.

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Intel® architecture, when paired with Avnet’s integration expertise and global experience, provides the quality, reliability, scalability, and innovation you need throughout the product lifecycle to make this vision into a reality.

Systems innovation drives industrial capabilities

The factory of the future runs on data, and Intel builds the technologies that turn that data into profitability. Edge-to-cloud solutions for IoT optimize the processes and operations that your customers depend on. Intel® technologies meet the full scope of needs for industrial automation.

Intel® platforms range from Intel® Atom® processors for small-scale devices and controllers to Intel® Xeon® processors for heavy workloads. They are complemented by a variety of systems and boards, solid-state drives and networking technologies, plus software for operations and development.

Avnet can help you adapt Intel’s IoT innovations to the needs of your specific application and build a more capable foundation for product innovation—all while making sure you’re supported throughout your product’s lifecycle, globally.

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Use case: Test and measurement

A leading manufacturer of industrial process equipment was facing a tight product launch window. They looked to Avnet and Advantech for the right technologies, engineering expertise and supply chain programs to meet revenue forecasts and exceed customer expectations.

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Use case: Welding automation

A production line equipment provider improved the efficiency of its supply and manufacturing lifecycle using a solution from Avnet, with technologies from Kyocera and Advantech. As a result, quality is up, costs are down and operations are smoother than ever.

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Advance your vision of industrial transformation with Intel

Drive advances in performance, efficiency and hardware-based security into your solutions. As a leader in the development of platforms that power everything from small-sale equipment to the largest enterprise workloads, Intel provides a path to next-generation industrial automation.

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Supporting innovation

Avnet Integrated offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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Industrial automation

Improve reliability with ruggedized computing technologies and next-generation human-machine interaction

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Intel technologies

Intel powers trends in industrial technology with advances for data analytics, security and networking

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New 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Impressive portfolio of standard and unlocked systems for a broad range of usages and performance levels

Intel Core Processor Group


Intel® Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

Small but powerful mini-PC platform based on Intel Atom® or Intel® Core™ processors

Intel NUC compact computer


Intel Atom® E Processor Series

Excellent performance per watt, rich graphics and I/O integration to power mobile, portable and small-scale devices of every kind

Intel Atom Processor


Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs)

The new standard for storage performance, flexibility, stability and efficiency, with low power consumption


Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

High performance and incredible efficiency drive actionable insights and dynamic service delivery with hardware-based security

Intel Xeon Processor