Industrial Automation with Dell EMC & Avnet

Rugged computing wherever it’s needed

For industrial automation products, your stock in trade is expertise in delivering next-generation intellectual property (IP) that connects, controls and optimizes production equipment and processes. Selecting, integrating and supporting the computing systems built into your products can easily be a troublesome distraction away from innovation.

Dell and Avnet provide flexible rugged compute platforms to meet a range of needs. Together, these devices put optimized sets of computing resources in place wherever you need them within your industrial automation offerings. That lets you focus on creating value-added IP that builds your competitive advantage.

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Embedded box PCs tailor computing resources to specific applications. IoT gateways perform edge analytics to save on bandwidth costs by sending only necessary data over the wire. PowerEdge™ rugged servers provide large-scale compute in harsh environments.

Foundations for innovation in industrial automation

As your customers identify potential value from Internet of Things solutions, one area that will receive a great deal of attention is the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). OT is chiefly concerned with monitoring and control of industrial devices, while IT is more data-centric and enterprise-focused.

Enabling OT and IT systems to work together is vital to making full use of the data that is now ubiquitous in industrial settings. The combination of analytics and OT/IT convergence has the power to enhance productivity and cost efficiency by responding in real time to changing conditions on the production floor and beyond.

Analytics play a key role in modernizing industrial environments by transforming data into actionable insights, a core set of capabilities expected from modern industrial automation. Dell computing systems and gateways power the engines behind analytics in punishing conditions, enabling industrial automation solutions to take full advantage of OT/IT convergence.

Set a course for innovation with Avnet and Dell EMC

Innovate faster by implementing your industrial applications on Dell Embedded Box PCs, industrial-grade IoT gateways and PowerEdge™ rugged servers. Put these reliable, rugged technologies to work, with Dell EMC’s Tier 1 technology and Avnet’s expertise in engineering and global integration powering your solutions.

Dell Embedded Box PC Series

Learn more about this industrially ruggedized embedded PC with flexible connectivity capabilities

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Industrial automation

Improve reliability with ruggedized computing technologies and next-generation human-machine interaction

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Dell Embedded Box PC 5000 Series

Powerful Embedded Box PC with flexible connectivity; industrially ruggedized and ready to handle your high-bandwidth projects

Dell EMC PC 5000 Series embedded computer

Dell EMC

Dell PowerEdge™ XR2 Rugged Server

Rugged Dell EMC servers, built from the ground up for harsh environments and powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors

Dell EMC PowerEdge server

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Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 Series

Compact, energy-efficient embedded box PC; industrially ruggedized and ready for space-constrained, low-power project

Dell EMC PC 3000 Series embedded computer

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Dell Edge Gateway Model 5100 (industrial version)

IoT gateway purpose-built to aggregate, secure and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment

Dell EMC IoT Gateway computer