The power behind industrial automation

Improve reliability with ruggedized computing technologies and next-generation human-machine interaction—without sacrificing flexibility, service or scale

Your customers depend on your products to keep factories and production lines running smoothly. In turn, you rely on ruggedized technologies, a long install life and quick support for unexpected outages.

Your reputation and future revenue depend on critical systems expertise ranging from systems engineering and supply chain through installation and support. Yet staffing these ancillary functions can take up resources that would be better applied to developing the innovative features that secure your products’ advantage in the market.

That’s where Avnet comes in. We support your business throughout your product’s development, production and deployment lifecycle, so you can focus on your core intellectual property.

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Invest in a partnership over infrastructure

Developing great industrial automation products starts with the right technologies. Your engineering team is challenged with creating rugged, long-life foundations for your IP. Avnet’s extensive expertise and established partnerships, as well as our global facilities for engineering, integration and custom manufacturing, dramatically simplify bringing quality products to market efficiently.

You also need to optimize your supply chain, however, many of the specialized long-life technologies you require come with lengthy supplier lead times. Through build-to-suit inventory models, we can help reduce lead times and inventory exposure, which shortens the cash-to-cash cycle to improve key financial metrics.

As you take your product to new global regions, Avnet is already there to help you quickly hit your revenue targets. You can rely on our global integration, logistics and support networks, as well as capabilities to accelerate regulatory certifications in new industries and geographies.

We can also help you overcome the need to invest in expensive global service infrastructure by providing you with facilities for advance exchange, technical support, installation and on-site service.


Avnet maintains partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors that power innovation in industrial automation solutions:

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Embedded boards and systems
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Embedded systems, gateways and servers
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CPUs, storage and embedded systems
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Boards and systems
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Operating systems and IoT solutions
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Display solutions
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Benefits that continue over the long haul

Avnet offers you technology combined with insight that can help you bring better products to market faster. By optimizing your supply chain and global scale, we can also improve your financial metrics. Great product quality and support services help you deliver a great customer experience and help your product management team focus on delivering competitive advantages throughout the product lifecycle.

Partnering with Avnet lets you focus on your core business. That way, you can develop better IP, new product capabilities and features that strengthen your client relationships and safeguard your company’s long-term success.

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