Embedded computing and peripherals for a complete solution

You deliver solutions and expect every part of the system to operate in harmony. You don’t want to waste time researching, comparing and evaluating each system component independently, and then hope they work together. From System-on-Module (SoM) to fully integrated server and all points in between, Avnet is here to provide the expertise and do the legwork to provide you with every option you might want to consider. Then we’ll help you develop the complete solution to bring your ideas to market.

Avnet stocks a wide variety of storage devices, memory modules, visual solutions and enclosures to fill all of your hardware requirements. We complement this with an end-to-end software stack based on Windows™ and Linux foundations.

Avnet is the right choice when your goal is to create the winning solution.

Embedded computing

Avnet’s embedded computing and peripheral lineup

Our processing options mean you can choose the level of integration that best fits your strategy.

  • System-on-Module (SoM): Flexible processor choices mean you can create different options, architectures and performance levels.
  • Single Board Computers (SBC): When you want a complete processing and compute solution in one package, an SBC is the way to go. Our portfolio includes products in every industry standard form factor.
  • Industrial PCs: If you’re application will be used in a rugged environment, a fully integrated box gives you the benefits of performance and durability. Configurations include touch display options and a range of enclosure sizes to fit into your overall appliance.
  • Embedded Servers: If you want to focus on intellectual property (IP) and need hardware as a delivery mechanism for your operational technology application, embedded servers are a great option. Avnet Embedded provides flexible embedded server options from the leading technology innovators along with customizable white box selections.
  • Wireless Modules and Gateways: Continuous connectivity and mobility are rapidly becoming the standard for both consumer and industrial applications. Avnet offers a solution for every communication modality covering every distance and frequency. We don’t limit your carrier options if cellular is part of the mix and provide data plans to complete the solution.

All of the components you need to finish the job

  • Enclosures: We help you customize your appliance with enclosures that include power supplies, networking and a range of storage configurations.

  • Networking: You don’t want to limit your market with only one networking option. Our network interface cards (NIC) support the full spectrum of standards used across different end markets.

  • Storage and Memory: Data is the name of the game and managing it effectively sets you apart. Avnet Embedded’s system level approach integrates the right products for everything from feeding your processor to cold storage. We carry the leading hard drive and solid-state devices in all densities, interfaces and speeds.

  • Visual Solutions: Displaying streaming video and graphically appealing data makes your solution really ‘pop’. A partner with the right mix of resolutions, screen sizes and complementary features, like touch overlays, is what you should expect. Avnet Embedded provides all of this for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Software, connectivity and cloud services to tie everything together

Software: Your application requires a complete software stack including operating system, middleware and user interface. Avnet has the answer with Windows™ and Linux components and the development tools you need to build your image.

Cloud Services and Connectivity Solutions: Today’s applications are delivered through a mix of connectivity options, cloud services and on or off premise data centers. We understand the ins and outs needed to make this happen and assist you in turning a concept into reality. We also leverage our ecosystem to provide you with resources to assist with tasks such as creating APIs.

A full suite of services to integrate and deliver your hardware solution

Need help putting everything together or getting your application to market? Avnet’s ISO certified integration centers, engineering, supply-chain and post-sales support services supplement your resources. Learn more about our offering, quality and processes by visiting this page.

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Post-Sales Services

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New Products

AT&T Global Kit

Avnet’s AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit enables designers to easily develop and prototype cellular connected IoT devices utilizing AT&T’s 4G LTE network.