A digital transformation built on data

The sheer number of connected devices existing today has set the stage for a digital transformation, with data being front and center of the charge. Finding the right solution to capture the power of this data is challenging, especially while remaining focused on the innovation of your applications for cost, performance and security requirements.

In order to help solve for these challenges and keep you focused on your IP, Avnet OEM customers now have access to NetApp’s enterprise storage portfolio to build simpler data management into any application.

Building NetApp into your solution

Whether you’re building for media and entertainment, security, telecommunications or energy applications, Avnet and NetApp are making it easier for OEMs to build proven storage and data management platforms into a solution.

Hybrid Flash Arrays

Built for dedicated, high-bandwidth applications like data analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup that need simple, fast, reliable SAN storage.


Built for high-performance and data-intensive bandwidth applications with enterprise-grade reliability.

  • Up to 1M IOPS, 21GB/s throughput
  • Scale to 6PB raw capacity with disk shelves
  • 99.999% availability

Datasheet: NetApp E5700 Series

E-Series Storage Systems


Designed for enterprises that require performance and reliability for capacity-intensive, dedicated apps.

  • Up to 850,000 IOPS, 12 GB/s bandwidth
  • Scale to 3.8PB raw capacity with disk shelves
  • 99.999% availability

Datasheet: NetApp E5600 Series

E-Series Storage Systems


Optimized for small enterprises and remote offices that require mixed-workload performance and reliability for dedicated apps.

  • Up to 300,000 IOPS, 10 GB/s bandwidth
  • Scale to 1.8PB raw capacity with disk shelves
  • 99.999% availability

Datasheet: NetApp E2800 Series

E-Series Storage Systems


Created for shared, consolidated environments running SAN and NAS workloads that require rich data management, enterprise-grade capabilities, and easy cloud connection. Perfect for enterprise applications, virtualization, Microsoft solutions, and backup and recovery.


Built for large business-critical and consolidated environments that demand power and flexibility to meet growing requirements for scale and performance.

  • Modular design optimized for high performance and RAS
  • Continuous availability
  • Scale to 24 nodes and 172PB raw capacity

Datasheet: NetApp FAS9000 Modular Hybrid Flash System

FAS900 hardware


Designed for enterprises with business-critical and consolidated environments that require scalability for SAN and NAS workloads.

  • Continuous availability
  • Scale to 24 nodes
  • Scale out to 57PB raw capacity

Datasheet: NetApp FAS8200 Hybrid Flash System

FAS8200 hardware


Optimized for midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simplified operations for SAN and NAS workloads.

  • Small footprint with up to 24 internal disk drives
  • Scale to 8 nodes
  • Start at 10TB and scale out to 5.7PB raw capacity

Datasheet: NetApp FAS2600 Series Hybrid Storage Systems


All Flash Arrays

EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases and data analytics.

Datasheet: NetApp EF570 All-Flash Array


  NetApp®EF570 All-Flash Array NetApp EF560 All-Flash Array
  NetApp EF570 hardware NetApp EF560 hardware
IOPS 1,000,000 IOPS 825,000 IOPS
Average Latency <100μs up to 185,000 4K random write IOPS
<140μs up to 100,000 4K random read IOPS
<200μs up to 800,000 4K random read IOPS
<300μs up to 1,000,000 4K random read IOPS
<300μs up to 500,000 IOPS
<800μs up to 825,000 IOPS
Sustained throughput Up to 21GBps Up to 12GBps
Maximum drives 120 (EF570 with 4 expansion shelves) 120 (EF560 with 4 expansion shelves)
Maximum raw capacity 1.8PB -
[3Pin] 1200V 384TB

All Flash FAS

Leading-edge AFF A-Series supplies enterprise class, scale-out all-flash storage with the industry's most advanced data management. Download the datasheet for additional information.

Datasheet: Datasheet

  AFF A700s AFF A700 AFF A300 AFF A200
  NetApp AFF A700s NetApp AFF A700 hardware NetApp AFF A300 NetApp AFF A200
NAS Scale-out 2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2-24 nodes (12 HA pairs) 2-8 nodes (4 HA pairs)
Maximum SSD 2592 5760 4608 576
Maximum Raw Capacity 39.0 PB/35.2PiB 88.1PB/78.3PiB 70.5PB/62.6PiB 8.8PB/7.8PiB
Effective Capacity 155.5PB/138.1PiB 356.3PB/316.4PiB 285.0PB/253.1PiB 34.7PB/30.8PiB


Learn how you can put NetApp’s high performance storage solutions to work for your application and bring your solution to market faster with Avnet. To learn more about NetApp solutions, contact us at Integrated@Avnet.com.

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