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The transportation industry is poised to experience monumental growth over the next few years, especially as advanced electronic functions proliferate and spread from premium models to lower-priced, high-volume models.

With major leaps in infotainment, electrification and advanced driver-assistance systems, we’re seeing the beginning of a generation of smarter, safer and more efficient vehicles than ever.

That’s exactly why we’ve created our Transportation Design Depot — to share with you some of our favorite, and most effective, products and solutions to power your next application.


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Thumbnail of ON Semiconductor Webinar - Automotive Capacitive Touch

Capacitive touch controls boost automotive circuit reliability.

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Learn about the PPAP process and how Avnet can help.


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Road with streams of light from moving cars

Improve CAN-FD network speed in complex multi-stub designs

10 Nov 2020 - 10 Nov 2020

Complex network topologies act as roadblocks to reaching CAN-FD’s full 5Mbps potential. Join in our next Transportation Tuesday webinar as NXP CAN experts explain the challenge and how to overcome it with CAN Signal Improvement technology. Get up to speed on the CAN interface, design considerations, new CANSIC devices and the UAVCAN protocol.