Getting started in enterprise IoT: Six tricks for solving the puzzle

IoT is the Rubik’s Cube of business technology.

Every company’s playing with it, a few are starting to nail it and many are stuck rotating through possible solutions that aren’t really panning out.

As with the confounding cube, learning the experts’ secret tricks will increase your chances of succeeding time after time.

The foundation of solving the IoT puzzle is this: Both the starting point and ultimate objective are the use case. A use case is a list of actions spelling out how a person and system(s) accomplish a particular goal.

At the outset of any IoT assignment, we invest ample time working through the use case with clients using this tripartite focus: people, systems and goals. Read more on IoT Agenda as to how we dig into our bag of tricks to solve the puzzle. 

Lou Lutostanski, vice president, Internet of Things (IoT), enables entrepreneurs, startups, leading technology OEMs and other IoT innovators to bring IoT solutions to market. Lutostanski has 30 years of industry experience as a field application engineer, sales manager, branch manager, and sales executive. With an education in electrical engineering and business, he’s uniquely positioned to understand the challenges businesses face with emerging technologies—and how to help guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology.


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