Indispensable Building Blocks of Mobile IoT Devices

Thought you knew what ALL the blocks were? Take a closer look

The concept of IoT connected devices connotes many different ideas. Some think of data centers full of servers, network switches and storage arrays aggregating untold gigabytes of random data. Others identify with Ethernet-enabled devices in their place of work, home or school. More recently, the plethora of mobile devices used in everyday life have changed the concept of what Internet connectivity – the IoT – is really all about.

Whether a smart phone, a tablet, a wearable body monitor or a remote sensor on the factory floor, mobile devices connected to the IoT require basic building blocks that are sometimes an afterthought. Antenna and RF circuitry enable wireless communication. Batteries powering mobile devices need to be recharged and protected. Specialized sensors measure physical events. Ever-smaller connectors route electrical signals throughout mobile devices.


The following series of articles details the latest technologies used as the building blocks of mobile IoT devices:

  • Find out more about the variety of newly released standard antennas and how they ease the RF design process.
  • Learn about the latest advances in circuit protection and how they are driving reliability and longer product life in mobile IoT devices.
  • Hear from Pete Smith of Measurement Specialties about the new sensor types that are available for IoT applications.
  • Hear from Nick Schade, senior product/process engineer in the Inductors Division at Vishay, about the new wireless charging technique for rechargeable batteries.

Finally, to learn even more about other innovative solutions for mobile IoT devices, check out the Avnet Design Zones. These application-specific technology portals – including IoT, IP&E and more – provide quick access to relevant product videos, supplier technical documents, industry articles and up-to-date industry trends.


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