Does Your IoT strategy have a connection problem?

Does your IoT strategy have a connection problem?

You’ve heard it everywhere: IoT is a game-changer, a disrupter and a gigantic business opportunity for everyone. That’s all well and good. However, the reality is that many companies have eyes bigger than their stomachs when it comes to the Internet of Things—and are biting off more than they can chew.

Businesses are struggling to scope and deploy IoT initiatives because, compared to the traditional information technology project, they require different hardware and software resources as well as much more integration.

Even ‘things’ rely on interpersonal communication

IoT challenges traditional business models: these projects typically involve a long list of internal stakeholders and an even longer list of potential service providers.

Most companies say that it can take up to 10 external partners to get an IoT project off the ground. It’s already difficult to get all the pieces of technology to work together seamlessly in an IoT project. Having partners who don’t always get along or have enough experience actually deploying IoT projects for businesses only causes more disconnects and further delays.

Get connected—now

Your business approach to IoT needs to function much like the technology itself: keep everything connected, with information flowing quickly and smoothly between all nodes.

IoT solutions require close collaboration and communication. Narrow your scope and focus on a solution that you can excel at. Move quickly, nimbly and strategically.

Everyone’s jumping into IoT for the same reason: if you’re not, you’re a dinosaur. While that might be true, that doesn’t mean you should demote your critical thinking skills to the Ice Age, too.

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