Avnet: Your Key Enabler for Efficient IoT Product Development


There’s no shortage of hype when it comes to IoT! Fashion designers, futurists,  gadget geeks, salespeople…

- Everyone has an opinion… but it’s the engineering community who are making it happen!

Beyond the logistic efficiencies and capabilities of being the largest global component distributor, Avnet focuses significant technical resources on the engineering side of the electronic product development business.

Highlighted in this article are ten key capabilities that Avnet brings to the design community in context of IoT.


  1. Tech-savvy, Engineer to Engineer Conversations!
    Avnet’s FAE teams, Design Services and Technical Marketers are all engineers, hands-on and experienced in overcoming design challenges and the details of getting a product to market! Unlike other distributors, our engineers are not aligned to specific suppliers. The benefit of this to you is frank, unbiased advice from a trusted technical resource, uniquely equipped to compare and contrast different options from the widest possible range of suppliers.


  2. Technical Training, Reference Designs, Development Platforms
    With the increasing complexity of electronic systems and their building blocks, Avnet’s goal is to enable and empower design teams to be efficient with the tools and techniques for implementing the latest technologies. New reference designs, SOM modules, hands-on trainings and technical seminars are constantly being developed, with an increased focus now on providing more powerful, module-level building-blocks that help mitigate design risks and accelerate your time-to-market. Consider attending one of the IoT-related technical sessions at Avnet’s upcoming worldwide X-Fest 2014 customer-training event.


  3. Analog Building-blocks, Sensors, Signal Conditioning and Data Conversion
    With Avnet’s breadth of product portfolio, we are a big differentiator. Whether you’re looking for MEMS technology sensors or a precision data convertor (both available from multiple suppliers on our linecard) Avnet’s FAEs are equipped to rapidly guide you to the optimum solution to match your specific needs.


  4. Low Power Microcontrollers and Embedded Firmware Development Tools
    At the heart of any new IoT device, the low-power MCU device provides the control aspects and the differentiating “secret sauce” embedded in the IP of its unique firmware. Constantly analyzing the evolution of technology, our team is hands-on with the associated development tools and attentive to the key trends and enablers in this area. With early access to new products, Avnet’s in-house development team can anticipate and is typically already working on developing reference design application code and workshop training material to equip you for whatever is next.


  5. Application Processors, SoM modules, Linux Software Development
    Recognizing the risks and delays inherent in complex hardware and software development, Avnet cultivates close partnerships and key competencies with the major processor manufacturers, the vibrant aftermarket of SoM module providers as well as a broad ecosystem of software tool suppliers. Our Embedded Software Store, developed in partnership with ARM, also provides a one-stop “Gateway to Accelerated Design” that meets a range of software tool requirements.


  6. Wireless Connectivity and Communication
    The big trend within IoT is the pervasive requirement for wireless connectivity. Wearable technology, the quantified self, health & fitness tracking devices and more all imply “untethered”, portable operation with wireless communication to smartphone, tablet or access point typically. With the complexities of RF design and its certification requirements, Avnet addresses the need for proven, pre-certified wireless module solutions and has been making strategic investments and partnerships in this area with a broadening portfolio of popular wireless modules.


  7. Battery Power, Energy Harvesting, Low Power Design Aspects
    Ready with recommendations for high efficiency, small footprint power solutions, our engineers are also trained to advise on the trade-offs of different low-power wireless technologies as well as the power management innovations and strategies that can be employed with the processor and wireless devices. Beyond proven, production ready solutions, our team is resourceful with the contacts and training to escalate your questions to factory specialists when needed.


  8. Cloud Services, Data Analytics
    We can talk from first-hand design experience with cloud service partners. The scale and reach of Avnet’s business units and resources means multiple options and we can connect you with the optimum service provider based on your specific technology and connectivity requirements.


  9. Example IoT kits engineered by Avnet…
    “By engineers, for engineers” is our motto. Our in-house design engineers are continuously developing new reference designs and kits to meet your design needs.

    Recent example IoT products engineered by Avnet include the following:
    Wi-Go (Wi-Fi Sensor Hub)
    SensorTAG (Bluetooth LE Sensor Hub)


  10. Online Avnet Resources
    And, don’t forget to check out the Avnet Design Resource Center, with links, downloads and product info on hundreds of kits/boards, and the Emeddeded Software Store with leading software solutions. 




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