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Tinkerers, inventors, hobbyists, creators, makers…whatever you call them, they’re our kind of people. Never content with the status quo, they’ve been a part of the Avnet story from the beginning. Today, Avnet is uniquely positioned to help makers on the verge of technology’s next big wonder.

From maker to start-up

Most products start out as a great idea on paper or screen. Turning that idea into reality and getting it to market before someone else does is fraught with pitfalls. It takes money, time and expertise. Avnet can help.

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Our support includes all the resources you need to put plans into practice and make your idea a reality. Whether you need access to design services, parts for prototyping, contract manufacturers, or consultation on IP protection, marketing and financing – Avnet’s ecosystem is ready when you are.

Avnet brings together the communities and resources you need to get off the ground with the critical services required to scale. The end goal is a buttoned-up supply chain that’s ready to fill orders on day one.

Path to Prototype

Path to Prototype is a helpful guide designed to educate you as you take your hardware product from idea to prototype. Laid out as a board game, it comes with a series of cards that show the steps you'll need to complete the game and bring your product to market. Some cards provide helpful definitions you may not be aware of, some contain a few fun factoids - and some promise a few surprises along the way. Feel free to hang the game board on your wall or lay it out on a table so you can track your progress.

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Young woman building a prototype

The story of Twyst

See how Avnet is helping IoT start-up Twyst transform the brick and mortar retail experience through its smart bag

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The story of Owlet

New parents have one of the hardest jobs in the world. With design help and guidance from Avnet, Owlet is making that job a little easier.

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The story of Vital

With help from Avnet, Vital (formerly known as Arc Connected Devices) is creating an easier and more affordable way for patients to monitor and track their vital signs

Read More is a project-based online community for anyone who wants to learn about programming and building hardware.

Find the makers and partners to help your startup get to market. This collaborative environment connects you to peer-reviewed service providers, showcases new products and encourages knowledge sharing at every product stage.

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Learn more about the Avnet, KickStarter, Dragon Innovation and Hardware Studio providing powerful tools, resources, advice and expertise for hardware creators.

Avnet Innovation Lab

Knowledge transfer that turns students into start-ups.