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Hardware is hard. If you have a great idea but little infrastructure as a creator or a startup, it can be even harder—especially with competitors coming to market faster than ever and customer expectations at all-time highs. While more than 10,000 hardware campaigns have been funded through Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding platform, many won’t reach their full potential without proper guidance.

Turning an idea into a prototype is just one part of the product development journey. You also need to make that prototype a scalable product. That’s why we partnered with Kickstarter and Dragon Innovation, now an Avnet company, to create Hardware Studio.

Hardware Studio is a program designed to help creators of hardware products, and hardware start-ups, get their products to market via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The community is also an open resource to all creators with helpful content that should be beneficial on the hardware journey.

Avnet brings the decades of experience scaling hardware. Dragon Innovation brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to product roadmaps, prototyping and contract manufacturing. Kickstarter brings the platform to fund these big ideas to turn creators into businesspeople and backers into happy customers.

Here’s how one startup benefited from the infrastructure put in place to get hardware products to market.

Hardware Studio Connection helps creators reach further

Hardware Studio does have a wealth of resources. However, sometimes creators are ready for a more hands-on approach. If you have a hardware product, and you’re looking for help with design, BOM optimization, prototyping, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and just about any other issue you could run into, Hardware Studio Connection is for you.

A program designed with you in mind, it helps startups get from idea to prototype and prototype to Kickstarter campaign with the global expertise of Avnet at your fingertips.

Hardware Studio Connection participants set the pace for program

To break new ground, you first need to learn the terrain—and it always helps to have the right guide.

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How to make your Hardware Studio Connection application stand out.

Hint: you don’t need a finished product, just a compelling story and logical plan.

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Hardware Studio Connection

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