The Avnet ecosystem comes to life at Electronica 2018

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The Avnet ecosystem comes to life at Electronica 2018

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The Avnet ecosystem comes to life at Electronica 2018

There are few opportunities better than the annual Electronica fair in Munich, Germany, to learn about promising developments on the cutting edge of the technology industry. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors gathered at this year’s event in November—including Avnet. We showcased the Avnet ecosystem with the largest booth in the show’s history.

Here’s how Avnet Abacus, Avnet Silica, EBV Elektronik, Premier Farnell and brought the Avnet ecosystem to Electronica this year.

Our customers’ products in action

Companies bringing ideas to market face countless obstacles along the way. That’s exactly why the Avnet ecosystem exists: to help customers speed time to market, reduce costs, and navigate the complexity of today’s technology markets. We invited companies whose products have thrived as a result of an Avnet partnership to show how our ecosystem brings truly groundbreaking products to market.

HYPERVSN dazzled attendees with its futuristic display system, which creates, displays and manages hologram-like visuals by combining innovative 3D display and holographic projection technologies. Though HYPERVSN had originally faced supply chain dilemmas in the manufacturing process, Avnet Abacus offered alternate components to reduce lead times and ultimately speed its time to market. Check out the technology in action.

Tobias Nakel of Avnet Abacus introduced us to Parking Pilot from Smart City, a smart sensor-based parking system deployed in a number of advanced parking schemes across Germany. Thanks to Smart City’s Parking Pilot, the days of driving around in futile search for a parking space may soon be gone. Learn more about the Parking Pilot.

Insights from top technology experts

Supplier partners also amplify the power of our ecosystem. That’s why we invited several leading technology experts to speak about what’s at the forefront of major industry trends.

Eddie Gallacher of Artesyn Embedded Technologies spoke to the audience on power supply design – discussing nuances around efficiency, power density, and the respective benefits of fan and fanless design.

Eaton’s Akos Labady shared some insightful circuit design tips for maximizing supercapacitor lifetime, highlighting the importance of protection, balance and sizing, saying, “It’s important to get the type of supercapacitor right for the application, otherwise you risk lower efficiency and shorter lifetime.”

We heard from Ralph Semmeling of Molex on high speed connectivity solutions, with some specific and valuable insights on how to select the right data connectors for certain telecom applications.

Avnet Abacus battery extraordinaire Tim Parker shed light on the difficulties of finding “the ideal battery,” but spoke to audiences on the ability of our engineers to help customers tailor a battery choice to a specific design.

Panasonic’s Senko Brostmeyer spoke to attendees on the value of polymer capacitors in light of the recent and ongoing MLCC capacitor shortage, emphasizing that polymers have real benefits in specific applications such as industrial and automotive motor controllers.

IMPACT Developers’ Community Lounge

As much as we learn from our established industry experts, emerging developers as well as creators in our online communities, element14 and Hackster, are forging new paths, too. The IMPACT Developers’ Community Lounge was the creator hub, where likeminded developers could share ideas and collaborate with thought leaders.

Not Impossible Labs CEO and founder Mick Ebeling talked about the power of technology to create order out of absurdity and change humanity for the better. Watch how we helped Not Impossible Labs develop their newest product, Music: Not Impossible.

Educator, interaction designer, open source hardware advocate, and co-founder of the Arduino project Massimo Banzi shared his thoughts on the potential future of Arduino in the industrial market.

Avnet Silica’s Martin Grossen took the stage to share the vast possibilities of the brand new Microsoft Azure Sphere platform, which combines cloud, software and microcontroller technology to facilitate secure, fast and cost-efficient IoT designs. ambassador and self-proclaimed “hardware nerd” Alex Glow introduced us to her AI robot owl Archimedes, who is capable of recognizing whether you’re happy or sad.

The stars of the element14 Presents video series tutored attendees on a range of topics, from Python Micro Games with Raspberry Pi to bringing community driven products to market, and from IoT infrastructure options to computer vision and AI.

Electronica 2018 brought together all the experts that power the Avnet ecosystem, displaying our capabilities as a global technology solutions provider. Learn more about how from idea to market, Avnet is with you at every step.

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