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Avnet’s lighting ecosystem: LightSpeed

Lighting solutions tend to be a careful balancing act between the art of design and the science of technology. Finding the right drivers for a particular LED is just the tip of the iceberg to designing an attractive lighting solution that strikes the right balance—and the skills needed to bring things together are hard to find in one single company. When you include that advancements in lighting technology have dynamically changed the landscape across industries from UV to horticulture and smart lighting and the balancing act gets even more complex.

That’s why Avnet’s assembled an offering of in-house as well as supplier and partner resources to provide a true LED design and support ecosystem: LightSpeed. Our team takes the time to understand your objective, cover the various design trade-offs and recommend unbiased options to balance budget, performance and development times in the pursuit of HCL—human centric lighting. That means analyzing luminous efficacy to measure how well LEDs produce light, understanding where to employ COB LEDs or even color temperatures best suited for smart home versus industrial applications. During this HCL process, though, we are always considering supply chain, regulatory compliance and integration considerations to get your HCL lighting solution to market faster than your competition.

Leading industries leverage LED technologies:

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Vertical farming is more than just a buzzword. LED technology provides unique horticulture lighting advantages from energy savings to improved growing conditions.


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Smart Lighting

The Internet of Things is everywhere—including lighting. In the future, intelligent lighting will have to be more than connected but also responsive and predictive.


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UV LED Technology

Traditional ultraviolet sources can span a variety of applications from curing to printing and more — a system that LED UV takes up to the next level.



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Featured partners

GBL - Broadcom Supplier Component

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6 LED lighting modules


Broadcom is one of the largest producers of visible light-emitting diodes in the world.

GBL - OSRAM Supplier Component

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LED lighting module

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

Deep LED knowledge featuring HBLED and IR LEDs for linear & ambient, outdoor and area, downlight & track lighting.

Digi International

Short and long-range wireless modules, gateways and accessories. Digi offers one of the industry’s broadest selection of pre-certified wireless networking options, allowing you to easily start and then scale.

GBL - Microchip Supplier Component

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integrated circuit


Microchip is the leading provider in display & driving solutions using EL, LED and OLED technologies. Microchip offers also the most complete portfolio of display & LED drivers solutions.

GBL - Infineon Supplier Component

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Full range of AC/DC, DC/DC, linear LED control, and microcontroller-based LED solutions.

GBL - Nordic Supplier Component

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integrated circuit chip

Nordic Semiconductor

Ultra low power wireless solutions (Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth 5 highly integrated RF ICs, protocol stacks, development tools and reference designs.

GBL - Luminus Supplier Component

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Luminus Devices develops and manufactures LED solutions used in general and specialty lighting for the global illumination market.

GBL - Universal Lighting Supplier Component

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Universal Lighting Technologies

A wide range of LED modules and drivers designed for the latest generations of LED based indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.