Surface Mount Technology Solutions

Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT) provides world-class Electronic Manufacturing and Design Engineering Services for low-to-medium volume custom LED assemblies and complex driver assemblies.

Our value to our customers is from our integrated solutions based business model, our exceptional quality, our expertise in providing cost reduction ideas, our on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. SMT has been placing LED’s for over 15 years, and has the expertise and equipment to place even the most difficult package types. There is nothing we enjoy more as a company than helping our customers solve their challenges.

LED PCB Assembly Capabilities

Surface Mount Line

  • Specialized state of the art assembly and test equipment
  • Custom Binning and Placement Process
  • LED Traceability to the location reference
  • LED Conformal Coating equipment
  • Touchscreen LED
  • Complete turnkey fixtures with light engines
  • LED optics and enclosures
  • Prototypes
  • PCB layouts of LED circuits
  • PCB Power supplies
  • Heat sinks

LED Markets

LED Close Up

  • Outdoor Sports Lighting
  • High Bay
  • Medical Lightning
  • Automotive and Aviation lightning
  • Architectural Lightning

STM Engineering

Design Work

  • All Intellectual Property belongs to the customer
  • Complete electronic product design capability – concept to production
  • Engineering Design Layout and Optics Design
  • Thermal testing and Analysis
  • Experts in power electronic design
  • Experts in embedded microcontroller design from 8 to 32 bit:
  • Experts in connectivity: Wi-Fi, Mi-Wi, BLE, Cellular, Zigbee
  • Ethernet, USB, CAN, SAE J-1939, OBD II
  • Production test fixture development
  • LED Light Lab capabilities to test lumen output

SMT Engineering is ready to bring you the solutions that you need.

PCB Specifications Capabilities


  • Base Material: Aluminum/FR-4
  • Flexible PCB (up to 8 layers)
  • Rigid-flex PCB (up to 6 layers)
  • CEM-1, CEM-3 FR-4, FR-4 High TG, Polyimide, Aluminum-based material.
  • HAL, HAL lead free, Immersion Gold/ Silver/Tin, Hard Gold, OSP surface treatment
  • Surface Treatments: Immersion gold, HASL. OSP

SMT has the ability to take a project from concept to design to production in a seamless integrated NPI process, that ensures shortest time to market and lowest overall costs. SMT has the experience and provides solutions to many different market sectors and in many unique ways. SMT provides solutions to all industries and enables our customers to bring leading edge technology to their customers resulting in a time to market and cost competitive advantage.

Surface Mount Technology Corporation (SMT) is a certified and highly recommended partner in the Avnet Technical Network supporting LED Technology and the Lighting Market. The Avnet Technical Network connects customers to design resources with the objective of accelerating new project development. These partners offer engineering design services, software expertise, and unique manufacturing capabilities.


Puzzle PiecesAvnet Technical Network

SMT’s relationships with established LED suppliers and their broad product knowledge for integrating complementary devices – MCU/MPUs, Wireless and Power, make them an ideal engineering and design partner for Lighting.

Customer Success Stories

SMT Engineering met our customer’s aggressive design goals of providing higher light output, longer product life, better thermal design and more control, within their timeline and budget by providing a unique solution.

SMT Engineering met our customer’s requirement for higher light output, longer battery life, and better thermal design, with a unique solutions on time and on budget.

SMT Engineering our customer’s timeline to get new LED product approved prior to their next model year. SMT Completed PPAP and IMDS to strict automotive specifications.

SMT was able to provide our expertise through the DFx process to help our customer achieve the lowest production cost while still providing a quick time to market.

SMT is able to provide a short lead time and reaction to customer spikes in demand on assemblies after material availability.

SMT’s equipment set allows us the ability to build larger panel size boards, reducing our customers PCB costs.

LED solutions

Avnet provides LED technical expertise, integrated solutions and best-in-class products, helping to accelerate your time-to-market.