Molex Interconnect Solutions

Molex delivers space-saving interconnect solutions for device designs using LED products. As the use of LEDs continues to expand into consumer electronics, factory automation equipment, lighting and automotive uses, Molex interconnect components can provide cost effective solutions that also improve manufacturing efficiencies. From board-to-board and wire-to-board configurations to FPC-to- board requirements, Molex provides interconnect solutions to meet your needs when incorporating LEDs into your innovative designs.

TermiMate™ One-Circuit Terminal-Style Connector System

The sleek TermiMate™ wire-to-board and board-to-board system minimizes shadowing in LED lighting applications while providing space savings and reduced component costs. The new TermiMate connector system offers wire-to-board and board-to-board options using the same plug terminal for design flexibility and component and assembly cost savings.


  • Low profile and compact size
  • Plug terminal for both wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations
  • Terminal-only system
  • Floating tolerance (Board-to-Board)
  • Secure friction lock


  • Provides space-saving; low height prevents shadows in LED lighting applications
  • Offers design flexibility and component cost savings
  • Provides further space and component cost savings versus two-piece housing style systems
  • Absorbs inexact mating tolerances to facilitate correct insertion and prevent terminal damage
  • Provides secure mating and prevents accidental disconnect

Termimate Drawing


Part Numbers

  • 505073-1100: Contact Receptacle Wire-to-Board Crimp Straight Tip Cable Mount Reel
  • 505071-0101: Connector Board to Board Plug 1 Position Solder Right Angle Surface Mount Diode Embossed T/R
  • 505072-0101: Connector Board to Board Receptacle 1 Position Solder Right Angle Surface Mount Diode Embossed T/R



Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System, Push-Button Type

Ideal for thin LED lighting-module applications, Molex’s Lite-Trap™ SMT wire-to-board connectors offer easy wire removability and low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles for reduced shadowing.



  • Low-profile top-and-bottom entry styles
  • User-friendly push-button latch
  • Low wire insertion and high wire retention forces
  • Long wire insulation design
  • Compact industry-standard PCB pattern layout
  • Wire stopper feature
  • Dual-contact gate-style terminal design


  • Provide reduced shadowing effects for LED applications
  • Ensures easy wire extraction
  • Enables easy wire insertion; provides secure contact retention
  • Provides stable wire placement for additional contact assurance
  • Saves space and is drop-in compatible with certain competitive products
  • Facilitates correct wire insertion depth placement
  • Provides secure electrical contact and high wire retention force

Part Numbers

  • 104238*: Connector, Wire to Board Header 2 Position 3mm Solder Straight Tip Surface Mount Diode
  • 104188*: Connector, Wire to Board Receptacle 4mm Solder Straight Tip Surface Mount Diode Tray
  • 104266*: Bottom-Entry Lite-Trap Surface Mount Diode Wire-to-Board Connector, Push-Button Type, 1 or 2 Circuits

Resources: Lite-Trap (PDF)


Flexi-Latch™ 2.00mm Pitch Right Angle FPC-to-Board Connector System

Flexi-Latch™ connectors provide secure mating assurance along with space and cost savings versus wire-to-board systems for rugged applications such as automotive lighting or industrial controls.



  • Cable retention force of 20N
  • Positive inertia lock
  • Audible click when mated
  • Multiple polarizing keys
  • -40 to 125 degrees operating temperature range
  • FPC retention tabs


  • Provides secure mating retention force that meets automotive shock and vibration requirements
  • Prevents partial cable insertion for secure mating
  • Offers additional mating assurance
  • Prevent against incorrect cable insertion
  • Meets automotive requirements
  • Position cable for proper mating and prevent cable drop-out during assembly

Flexilatch Drawing 1

Flexilatch Drawing 2

Resources: Flexi-Latch™


Soligie® Printed Electronics LED Lighting Assemblies

Through integration of substrate design, printing, quality control and component-placement operations, Soligie® Customized Printed Electronics LED Lighting Assemblies provide high-quality customized lighting solutions at minimized costs.



  • Roll-to-roll (R2R) laminate processing and component placement on flexible substrates
  • Configurable design options for custom applications
  • Soligie® printed electronics design expertise
  • Broad knowledge base of technology, materials, associated companies and research institutions compiled over a decade as a recognized leader in the industry
  • ITAR, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 process and documentation controls


  • Provide an economical manufacturing and assembly process which maintains a high level of light output. Eliminates use of solder or encapsulation. Provides superior reliability
  • Enables new lighting designs and solutions for a wide variety of markets and applications. Differentiates products by unique lighting effects and platforms
  • Solutions can range from printed traces to complete parts. Able to produce in high volumes. Utilizes high-speed assembly equipment. Provides a range of printing and assembly methods
  • Boosts efficiency in identifying solutions and partners for technology development and implementation. Provides detailed solutions to complex problems. Leverages relationships, reputation, and knowledge allowing for solutions to be implemented on schedule and within budget
  • Assures reliability and compliance to these industry-accepted standards

Resources: Soligie (PDF)


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