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MAZeT Experts in Color Sensing

MTSCiCF Integral True Color Sensor

The MTCSiCF is a True Color1 Sensor IC with a filter function based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033 (human eye perception) in a compact QFN16 package. The MTCSiCF is long-term stable over the entire product lifetime and resistant to external influences such as temperature or aging drifts, due to the special JENCOLOR® interference filter technology.


  • JENCOLOR® interference filter technology
  • Filter curves based on CIE 1931/DIN 5033
  • Human eye perception
  • High transmission and blocking
  • No aging of the filter
  • High temperature stability up to 100°C
  • High signal frequency
  • Minimal cross talk
  • Compact size (diameter of the optical sensitive surface approx. 2 mm)
  • Easily compatible with analog and digital signal converters from MAZeT

Part Number

090400-402-26AEZ00 - Integral True Color Sensor

Resources: MTCSiCF Datasheet (PDF)


MCDC04 Analog to Digital Converter

The ASIC MCDC04 is a low noise sensor interface application specific standard product (ASSP) and suitable for coupling of multi-channel optical sensors or sensors using current output. Optional the integration time and sensitivity can be controlled by external programming to extend the internal functions and parameters. This ASIC is especially suitable for signal conditioning of photodiodes of array sensors like color or other optical sensors with maximum of 4 channels per chip.

  • Conversion of 4 sensor signals of photodiodes (e.g. RGB/XYZ color plus one blank channel for compensation of parasitic currents or tempera-ture conversion) or other sensors with current signal output
  • Configurable conversion gain and integration time supports a very high dynamic range of 1 – 1,000,000
  • Up to 16 bit signal resolution by achievable sensitivity up to 20 fA/LSB
  • Adjustable operation modes like continuous, by command and externally synchronized (by given start and start/end signal) measurement
  • Option: external control of integration time and reference current (gain)
  • High linearity of amplifying, no cross talking
  • High absolute accuracy without additional sources
  • High reliability internal reference source gener-ation
  • Consideration of negative offset
  • Measurement of current for both polarities
  • Measurement of integration time
  • Supply and temperature independent response
  • Inherent ripple rejection of the 50 Hz/60 Hz ex-ternal disturbances
  • 16 Bit/400 kHz fast I²C interface with pro-grammable slave addresses
  • Very low current consumption in active, in Power down and Standby mode
  • Supply voltage 2.7 V to 3.6 V
  • Temperature range -40°C to 125°C
  • Deliverable in SMD package and as bare die

Part Numbers

090450-728-26AEZ00 - 16 bit 4-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with I2C control/output

Resources: MCDCO4EQ Datasheet (PDF)


MTCS-INT-AB4 True Color and OEM Board

The MTCS-INT-AB product family enables users to implement their own True Color OEM board into lighting, backlight, LED test, color selection or other applications. The MTCS-INT-AB is ideal to measure color coordinates (XYZ), CCT or brightness levels. The sensor system is based on the JENCOLOR® standard components MTCSiCF (True Color sensor) and MCDC04 (Signal converter). The sensor is based on the CIE 1931 XYZ color standard, while the signal converter allows an output at 16/20 bit at a dynamic range of 1-to-1,000,000 and the option to freely choose the integration time.

Part Numbers

090019-063-25AEZ00 - MTCS-INT-AB4 Application Specific Test System

Resources: MTCS-INT-AB4 Datasheet (PDF)


MTCS-C3 Development Kit

The SET MTCS-C3 Development Kit includes the MTCS-C3 OEM sensor board embedded into a metallic casing with optical components and test software. The main components of the system and its installation and usage are described within this document. The Set MTCS-C3 is delivered without pre-calibration. So it is not specified for an application but was prepared for a user specific calibration as application specific setting and calibration of the system.

Part Numbers

090010-172-30AEZ00 - MTCS-C3 Development Kit



Resources: SET-DK-MTCS-C3-Datasheet (PDF)


MTCS-INT-AB4 Application Specific Test System

The OEM sensor solution is a small PCB for general color measurement and control applications, with a high bandwidth for light energy and optimized for handheld applications. The sensor board includes a True Color sensor MTCSiCF [2] based on the international CIE 1931 standard, an analog-to-digital converter MCDC04EQ [1] with a high dynamic range, an EEPROM for sensor data, power regulator and an I²C-interface.

Part Numbers

090019-063-30AEZ00 - Coming Soon




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