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IoT Solutions from Toshiba

TC32306FTG RF Transceiver

The TC32306FTG is a single-chip RF transceiver offering low power consumption and enabling long battery life for end-products and longer communication distances for sub 1-GHz band applications. The TC32306FTG chip configuration settings, such as supply voltage, frequency, modulation and detection, make it work for many applications.


  • Highly integrated chip with advanced digital processing capabilities
    • Reduces number of external components
    • Provides fine adjustments
  • Extremely low-power with support for transmit power level settings to effectively manage range-power tradeoffs
  • Ready-to-use reference designs with multiple Host processors and module options enable faster time to market



  • Integrates LNA, Mixer, IF Filter, IF AMP, RSSI, Signal Detector, Bit Rate Filter, Data Comparator, PLL, VCO and PA in a single IC
  • Operating voltage range: 2.0 to 3.3 V (For 3V Use), 2.4V to 5.5V (For 5V Use)
  • Current consumption: TX 12 mA at +10dBm output level / RX 9.7 mA / Battery Saving 0μA (typ.)
  • Multi-band support for: 315, 434, 868 / 915 MHz
  • Supported modulations: ASK / FSK
  • Single conversion system
  • Two IF Filter bandwidths: wide 320 kHz (typ.) at IF = 230 kHz / middle 270 kHz (typ.) at IF = 280 kHz
  • Signal Detection: RSSI detection, Noise detection (Only for FSK), Preamble detection
  • Receiver sensitivity: under -117dBm (At IF BW = 280 kHz, data rate = 600Hz, frequency deviation = +/-40 kHz)
  • Transmitter power: +10dBm (typ. at setting maximum output)
  • Serial control (4 wire SPI) / EEPROM control
  • Data Comparator Quick Charge / Auto Off Control / Antenna Switch Control


Bluetooth® Wireless Technology ICs

Bluetooth® Smart Ready and Bluetooth® Smart are widely used by mobile, wearable and healthcare devices. Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart devices will become increasingly pervasive in the years ahead. Toshiba has been serving as a Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Promoter for over ten years, contributing to the wider uptake of Bluetooth solutions. At present, Toshiba’s Bluetooth IC portfolio includes the TC35661 Bluetooth Smart Ready IC, the TC35667 and TC35670 Bluetooth Smart ICs, and the TC35676 and TC35675 Bluetooth Smart ICs with embedded flash ROM.


Bluetooth® LE + NFC Tag Starter Kit

The BMSKTOPASM369BT1761(kc) starter kit enables quick and easy use of Toshiba’s Bluetooth LE LSI TC35670 (integrated in the mounted PAN1761 module) in combination with Toshiba’s CortexM3 MCU as a host MCU. The kit can be used with commercial software development tools (e.g. IAR tool chain) over a JTAG debugger to simplify system software creation. It is made to execute the Toshiba Bluetooth SDK driver software and run and debug user application code via the embedded J-Link debugger interface. The TMPM369FDFG Microcontroller offers embedded flash and SRAM for evaluation and debugging purposes as well as embedded Ethernet, CAN, USB host, USB device and RS-232 connectivity.




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