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Today, companies large and small race to capitalize on the rapidly growing IoT and embedded system markets. Design engineers face many challenges acquiring and mastering new technologies, developing code for low level system infrastructure, performing integration and test, meeting aggressive schedules all while facing intense cost and resource pressures. A solid embedded platform is the answer to these challenges by freeing resources to develop differentiated products instead of creating and maintaining the fundamental, yet essential system structure underneath.

Renesas introduces such a platform that is truly complete, fully tested and qualified, and systematically maintained and supported so you can start your application software development immediately at the API level without worry.

Renesas IoT Sandbox

Once logged into their Renesas IoT Sandbox accounts, users will find powerful IoT capabilities such as identity management, data storage, ability to visualize data with dashboards and, most importantly, the ability to derive intelligence from the data using flexible workflows, which unlike rules engines are 100% programmatic. Deriving intelligence from IoT data is a difficult problem to solve, but the cloud-based IDE makes it as easy as possible. Users have access to pre-built workflows in the library, or they can create their own custom workflows by writing Python scripts. With the Renesas IoT Sandbox, users can build cloud-enabled IoT prototypes in a matter of hours and no external rules engines are required to make it happen.

Renesas IoT Sandbox

Verified Software Add-on (VSA) Program

The Renesas Synergy™ VSA program provides a variety of add-on software components for developers working with the Renesas Synergy Platform. These software add-ons are developed and supported by a network of Renesas partners to expand the functionality of the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP). Cypherbridge Systems, Icon Labs, and Skkynet, all members of the VSA Program, offer a unique approach to delivering security to your IoT application.

Cypherbridge: SDKPac for Renesas Synergy™ is integrated with Synergy SSP based Development Kits for a complete solution, including embedded uSSL server & client, integrated HTTPS Webserver and secure MQTT IoT cloud protocols, SMTP secure email client. Built with e2 studio, and powered by Synergy, power up your project with SDKPac. Key application segments: Metering, Smart Building, Industrial Control, Energy, Automotive, IoT Cloud Gateway, Telemetry, Smart Appliances, Wi-Fi Module.

Icon Labs: Floodgate Security Framework (FSF) provides engineers developing embedded devices a comprehensive security solution allowing them to build secure, authenticated, trusted devices. IT security practices require endpoints to be authenticated, trusted, secured and man-aged before they are allowed to operate on the corporate network. IT/OT convergence and the emergence of security standards in various industries requires embedded devices provide the same security capabilities as IT devices.

Skkynet: The Skkynet ETK provides a direct link from Renesas Synergy to the SkkyHub™ service, a seamless, end-to-end solution for IoT and M2M applications that lets you access your device and its data from anywhere in the world. The ETK also connects your device to the Cogent DataHub®, industrial middleware for making in-plant connections to OPC servers and clients, Modbus slaves, ODBC databases, web pages, Excel spreadsheets, custom .NET programs, and more.

Renesas Synergy™ Development Kit Solutions

Synergy Software

Renesas Synergy™ Development Kit DK-S7G2

The DK-S7G2 development kit provides a complete basis for hardware and software development using the Synergy Platform. The kit is host to a Synergy S7 series MCU from the S7G2 group - today’s flagship Synergy MCU device. The DK-S7G2 kit was designed from the beginning with ease of use in mind having automated blocks of signal routing on-board including a quick check through LEDs if routing is correct for the desired macro functions, providing error-proof configuration. DK-S7G2 kits are comprised of two circuit boards, the upper board hosting the MCU and the lower board for signal expansion and to implement special functions. This partitioning is very convenient to access all the MCU functions and pins, plus the lower board can be replaced with your own custom board for rapidly prototyping your specific end-product. Expansion capability is designed into this kit with many connection points plus industry-standard Pmod™ connectors for attaching a variety of multi-function boards in the market, or for connecting custom boards.




Device security for the Industrial Internet of Things



Development Kit

Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit SK-S7G2.


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