IoT Solutions from Red Hat

At the core of IoT is the need for next generation intelligent systems to collect, analyze, and communicate data into actionable information. Red Hat is in a unique position to help you architect and develop those systems to bring about the promises of the IoT. Building on our experience as the world's largest open source company, Red Hat delivers trusted solutions which capture community innovation, eliminate vendor lock-in, and prevent cost escalation.

Start with a solid foundation: Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides the security, reliability, and performance needed for IoT environments. You can reduce IoT implementation complexity and simplify the deployment and operation of your IoT system by standardizing on a single operating system for datacenter, cloud, gateway, and x86 or Atom-based devices.

Integrate device data with the enterprise: IoT implementations require data, devices, applications, and processes to be integrated with each other and with back-end systems. Red Hat JBoss Fuse drives data transformation, handles the large volumes of data being generated at the edge of the network, and processes summary data to send back to the data center for deep analysis.

Transport data reliably: Red Hat JBoss A-MQ enables real-time messaging to integrate applications, endpoints, and devices, moving data asynchronously between sensors and control points using open standards-based messaging, and providing support for protocols commonly used in IoT such as MQTT and AMQP. This messaging platform also makes it both easy and safe for enterprise applications to exchange information and, at the device tier, to be contained in a small footprint.

Automate business rules to take action: Red Hat JBoss BRMS determines the triggers for field level information analysis, prompting action based on pre-defined parameters. In conjunction with Red Hat JBoss Data Grid real-time data caching middleware, summary data is culled, avoiding transmittal of extraneous device information and only sending streamlined data to the datacenter.

Make way for data: IoT solutions require a data storage layer to intermediately store data that may be needed for tactical analysis and regulatory requirements, as well as storing that data for long-term analysis. Red Hat Storage solutions manage data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, combining file and object storage with a scale-out architecture to cost-effectively manage petabyte-scale data growth.

Blend data to deliver new services and analysis: Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization provides easy data accessibility through standard interfaces, exposes non-relational sources as relational, provides real time access to the data, and applies role based data access, security and auditing policies regardless of data source types. Data virtualization abstracts data and decouples business applications from devices to help simplify your IoT solution development.

Design modularity for developers: Container technology allows you to host multiple applications on a single device, gateway, or in the cloud, and repurpose those applications across architecture tiers. Red Hat OpenShift is a flexible container application platform-as-a-service that lets you quickly develop, host, and scale IoT applications in a cloud environment.

Build mobile applications: Often a component of IoT projects, mobile applications are built to bring IoT closer to users, providing visibility to the IoT system and enhancing the user experience (including the ability to control IoT devices). Red Hat Mobile Application Platform allows developers to develop and deploy mobile apps in an agile and flexible manner with open technologies and standard toolkits.

How Red Hat Can Help

Our open source solutions keep you current in the changing environment that is the IoT, avoiding locking into proprietary technology now that may lock you out of innovation and flexibility in the future. Red Hat solutions can help in several areas:

  • Bringing intelligence to the edge for real-time decision making.
  • Bridging the gap that exists between IT and operational technology.
  • Building an IoT platform to deliver internal or external services.
  • Providing an open source foundation on which to build your IoT solution.



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