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Internet ubiquity now allows cloud based management of any device with a monumental impact on service offerings, efficiency, cost, scalability and reliability. Critical to this is the ability to sense, process, control, and communicate in a highly energy and cost efficient manner. ON Semiconductor is a leading supplier of Industrial-grade solutions which span all of these capabilities. Our unique sensor portfolio extends to imaging, where ON Semiconductor is the established market leader in security and surveillance. The comprehensive connectivity portfolio supporting multiple wired and wireless protocols includes the industry’s lowest power RF solutions ideal for IoT applications. Robust solutions for motor control, protection, and power and battery management complete the comprehensive coverage from ON Semiconductor.

SensingSense: Sensors are the eyes and ears of the internet of things, enabling connected devices to gather intelligent information about their environments. ON Semiconductor provides a wide-ranging sensor portfolio along with supporting development tools, well positioned to serve the demanding needs of the Internet of Things.


CommunicationCommunicate: As the battle for dominance in the area of communication protocols continues, ON Semiconductor provides users a wide range of communication technology standards to support the various Internet of Things connectivity challenges. With the recent acquisition of AXSEM’s ultra-low power sub-1 GHz technologies and new offerings in the 2.4 GHz arena, ON Semiconductor is positioned as a leader in wireless connectivity.


ReactionReact: Motors empower connected devices to react and adapt to information provided by sensors. ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of efficient and robust motor control solutions for both stepper and brushless DC motors.




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ON Semiconductor

Development Kit

ON Semiconductor PYTHON-1300-C Camera Module.



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Avnet IoT Online Technical University

A Design Engineer’s Guide to Building the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)



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