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Smart Connected Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing how you interact with objects, devices in your home, at work and the world around you. It is creating significant excitement with predictions of endless opportunities for extra convenience, comfort and efficiency for the end-user. The rapid increase of electronic content and connectivity in automobiles, increasing demands for networking bandwidth, connected industrial and medical electronics, connected homes and the proliferation of smart mobile devices are all driving technology innovation and security leadership at NXP to help you develop smart, connected solutions.

NXP Smart Connected Devices

Unrivaled Solutions Portfolio

NXP is a market leader in microcontrollers with the broadest portfolio of ARM-based MCUs with the lowest power, highest security and smallest footprint – all ideal for IoT. NXP is a leader in IoT infrastructure with embedded processors for wired and wireless applications. NXP has broadened its security expertise with solutions that span device, network and security ICs. And more than 90 percent of all wireless technologies can be found in development under one roof at NXP. From the end node to the cloud, NXP provides an unrivaled portfolio for supporting the incredible growth of smart, connected solutions including microcontrollers and microprocessors, security, connectivity, analog and sensors, and RF. Everything you need, starts here for IoT.



  • Smart homes and buildings
  • Smart cities, smart grid
  • M2M, Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent logistics


  • Mobile audio
  • High-speed Interfaces
  • Gaming
  • Personal health and fitness
  • Healthcare

IoT Gateway Reference Design

The LS1021A-IoT gateway reference design based on the QorIQ® LS1021A processor is a purpose-built, small footprint hardware platform with a wide array of high-speed connectivity and low-speed serial interfaces to support secure delivery of IoT services for home, business or other commercial location.

  • Multi-protocol support for IoT devices
  • High speed WAN / LAN for Cloud connectivity
  • Cost-effective, open source development platform
  • Designed to accelerate time to market


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IoT Gateway Reference Design One Sheet

NXP Secure Vehicle Architecture

4+1 Layers of Defense

NXP 4+1 layer security framework provides a holistic approach for securing the entire vehicle architecture, using a defense-in-depth strategy complemented by leading secure car access products. Each layer has its own specific security challenges, affecting both hardware and software components. NXP addresses each layer individually to provide the right level of protection and countermeasures for the different elements of the architecture. This structured approach delivers multiple levels of defense, starting from the vehicle perimeter (interfaces), all the way down to the individual computers (ECUs) that implement the vehicle’s features, and ensures there are no weak links in the chain. It can also be managed during its entire lifecycle, using for example active key management and secure firmware updates.

Defense in Depth

  1. Secure Interfaces: Connect the vehicle to the outside world. Security measures include protection against data theft and strong machine-to-machine authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. Secure Gateway: At the heart of operations between interface and network – responsible for domain isolation, separating elements such as interfaces, infotainment and safety-critical systems.
  3. Secure Network: Protecting communication between ECUs and employing countermeasures that protect against data theft, network and message manipulation, and inside attacks from any compromised ECU.
  4. Secure Processing Units: The ‘brains’ of the car. ECUs continuously generate, process, exchange and store large amounts of valuable (sensitive) data making them an attractive target for hackers, they require firmware protection and update provisioning, in the form of secure boot and secure OTA updates.


For an in-depth review of NXP’s automotive security strategy and offering, please read the Automotive Security: From Standards to Implementation White Paper.



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Today’s cars are not the same Model T’s that rolled off the assembly line in 1908. Our vehicles now are more like cloud-connected computer networks on wheels. Understanding the security threats facing these systems helps protect consumers.


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