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IoT Solutions from Micron

We are in the midst of increased automation - smart and connected devices are transforming every industry. Tremendous growth in IoT driven applications and processes is leading to increase in process efficiencies leading to significant cost savings.

In a general sense, most IoT devices are designed to sense analog inputs from the environment (temperature, video footage etc.), digitize them, and analyze the data, either on board or on the cloud. The typical device/system has sensors, MCU, memory, and a radio unit, in addition to other components. Memory is very important as it is used for code storage, device configuration, security keys, and other data.

As the world expands its vision of what an “Internet of Everything” world can be, security is considered one of the biggest barriers to rapid deployments and adoption, especially in industrial and automotive markets. Securing data and code stored in on-board memories is crucial.

Micron is at the center, collaborating with key partners on IoT design innovations and delivering the right storage solutions for those applications and helping them balance their designs for form factor, cost, power and security requirements.

Micron IoT Portfolio

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Development Kit

PicoZed™ System-on-Module.


Comfort & Convenience in the Connected Home

In the last few years, smart home has experienced explosive growth. Whether talking about automation for lighting, connected appliance, security or energy management, there is tremendous opportunity in this space.