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InvenSense Sensing Everything™

FireFly Invensense Sensestudio

InvenSense was the first company to deliver Motion Interface solutions with fully integrated sensors and robust MotionFusion™ firmware algorithms. Our MotionTracking™ devices enable our customers to integrate Motion Interface capability directly into devices, easily and with minimal development cost and effort. InvenSense is a pioneer and leader in our industry, consistently delivering game changing solutions.

To enable rapid prototyping and development of IoT applications we have created the FireFly Development Kit. The Kit is composed of 3 critical components. The first being the single-chip ICM-30630, the world’s first tri-core 6-axis motion tracking solution with integrated sensor-hub framework software, the second is SensorStudio development tool, and lastly the Arduino Zero board.

Standard Development Kit Invensense

A 3rd party sensor shield comes with the kit so you can leverage compass, pressure, and proximity sensors. The sensor software that runs wholly on the ICM-30630 supports these additional sensors, this software solution is also MCU agnostic. The on board cortex M0 is an open platform that acts as a sensor hub and houses the sensor framework software. The remaining memory space is available for developers to implement their own logic.



Sensor Studio Invensense

SensorStudio is the sensor development platform for the “Internet of Sensors” which brings a unique level of simplification and integration to the IoT market, accelerating the creation of smart applications.

SensorStudio enables rapid prototyping and development of IoT applications. The tool and development platform simplifies and reduces software and algorithm development cycle, time to market and enable developers to go from C-to-Reality in minutes.


  • Graphical User Interface: program & visualize your custom sensors & data fusion
  • Visual environment:
    • Graphical Flows, Actions, Blocks
    • 2D Plots, Histogram, Cube, …
    • C/C++ Primitives
  • Contextual Help
  • Cross-compiler & Debugger integration
    • GCC linaro
    • J-LINK Debug probe (Segger)
    • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • Extension API to create sensor drivers & data fusion
    • Power optimized Sensor Framework with integrate FreeRTOS.
    • Pre-integrated Auxiliary sensors: magnetometer AKM-09911, pressure BMP-280, proximity VCNL4040

Invensense Arduino sensor board



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