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IoT Ecosystem: Intel Security

Securing IoT with Intel Security

Intel Security IoT Security Protection

Security may not be your core business, but security is essential to your business.

More medical, industrial and retail systems are connecting to the internet than ever before. These systems transmit and receive sensitive pieces of data including credit card information, social security numbers and medical history. As a device manufacturer that makes these products and devices you need to ensure that such valuable information is protected from security threats and attacks.

Intel Security is your security partner that delivers a range of protection technologies, including application whitelisting, antivirus and anti-malware protection, device management, and encryption. All while leveraging industry-leading McAfee Global Threat Intelligence. These solutions can be tailored to meet the specific design requirements of your device and its architectures.

Intel Security offers software and solutions to protect your system and data, detect exploits, and correct damage.




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Intel Security

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

Intel Security delivers an integrated security system that empowers you to prevent and respond to emerging threats.

Intel Security

McAfee Endpoint Security 10

McAfee Endpoint Security 10 helps you take control of the threat defense lifecycle with technologies that communicate and learn from each other in real time to combat advanced threats and deliver insights with actionable threat forensics.

Securing IoT Data Through the Cloud Network

Oftentimes data breaches and related attacks on consumer and industrial applications could have been avoided if proper security measures were implemented. To make sure your design is secure, best practices have been established to minimize the negati