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Define your ideal network. Think beyond fast, cost-effective, and reliable. Think about proven technology and eye-opening innovation. And an infrastructure that’s designed for agile response and open to the developments of vendors and technical communities worldwide. Now you’re thinking about Brocade, the undisputed frontrunner in storage networking and leader in the evolution to the New IP.

The New IP

By simplifying and automating network processes, the New IP encourages innovation and accelerates the speed of service delivery. It’s the ideal environment for deploying revolutionary business models that take full advantage of the mobility, cloud, social networking, and big data technologies collectively described by IDC as the Third Platform. The New IP is the network for the Third Platform. Businesses that transition to the New IP will be more competitive and more relevant to all of their user communities, and agile enough to stay that way.


Brocade’s product line and vision for the New IP are aligned. Brocade and Avnet are ready to help you transition to a modern, software-driven network infrastructure that supports Third Platform technologies at your pace, and on your terms.

Data Center Switches

Brocade VDX 6740T switch
Brocade VDX Data Center Switch

Brocade data center VDX switches leverage the cross-domain workflow capabilities of Brocade Workflow Composer to deliver the utmost in extensible Network Automation that is integrated with other IT services tool chains. Supporting flexible Brocade VCS fabrics and Brocade IP fabrics, they deliver key scalable features that meet the demands of todays virtualized and cloud multi-vendor environments.

Campus Network Switches

Brocade ICX 7450 switch Brocade ICX Campus Center Switch

Brocade Campus Fabric Technology for ICX switches feature flexible scalability, simplified management, and low TCO. Scale ports and services easily, campus-wide, as user applications and devices grow. Premium switches share advanced services with entry-level switches while delivering centralized management. And enjoy open standards support that provides multi-vendor interoperability, SDN adoption, and investment protection.

Brocade Virtual Router

With proven ultra-high performance and scalability, the Brocade vRouter is the networking industry leader in software innovation. The Brocade vRouter has set the benchmark for all software-based routers, while offering easy scalability, a broad set of capabilities, and the peace of mind that comes with rock solid reliability.




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Brocade vRouter Free Trial

Need the performance, reliability, and scalability associated with the New IP? Download the 60-day trial of the Brocade vRouter today and get started.


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