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TE Connectivity embedded computing board level interconnects

Increase Power, Data, Bandwidth and Speed Your Designs with Open Architecture Solutions

Next-generation processors need next-generation connectivity to keep pace with the growing demand for bandwidth even as space, weight, and power savings become critical. TE Connectivity™ (TE™) has been pushing the bandwidth envelope by adapting high-speed commercial technology and combining it with our expertise in rugged packaging. The results are board-level interconnects that give you more performance in harsh military and aerospace applications.

Rugged High-Speed Solutions That Save Weight and Space

VITA 66 optical modules

VITA 66 Optical Modules

The VITA™ 66 standard for optics gives you the choice of MT array connectors, ARINC 801 termini, or expanded beam (EB) contacts using a common module. With an aerospace pedigree, each style of termini offers different benefits in terms of density, ruggedness, reparability, and other characteristics.


  • Choose from MT array connectors, ARINC 801 termini, or expanded beam (EB) contacts using a common module
  • Up to 248 fibers in a 6U system
  • Each style of termini offers different benefits


  • Common mounting interface requirements for the various fiber optic interconnects within 3U and 6U VPX™ applications
  • Quickly and confidently implement the best solution for specific applications


  • Improved density, ruggedness, and reparability via three termini styles
  • The three module varieties are based upon proven optical termini for military and aerospace applications

Part Numbers:

  • 2000973-1: Connector VITA 66.1 RCP Straight Panel Mount
  • 2000974-1: Connector VITA 66.1 PL Right Angle Panel Mount


VITA 67 RF modules

VITA 67 RF Modules

VITA 67 RF modules from TE are modular systems designed specifically to allow backplane/daughter card multi-contact mating within a robust platform to withstand the mechanical rigors of military and aerospace applications. They are also fully compatible with VPX packaging to make it easy and convenient to achieve RF connectivity within a well-established architecture.

The contacts tolerate generous misalignment to allow blind mating and be configured to eliminate the possibility of stubbing. The contacts are housed in robust stainless steel or aluminum modules that hold four or eight contacts. The modules are configured to provide RFI/EMI shielding between the RF contacts and provide a high level of adjacent channel isolation of at least 100 dBc up through 40 GHz.


  • Modular design with 4- or 8-position modules for application specific configuration
  • Modules available in stainless steel and aluminum
  • Float-mounted jack maintains positive RF connection


  • Will support 0.80” card pitch
  • .240” center-to-center contact spacing
  • RF contacts are available for a variety of cables


  • SMPM-based contact performance to 40 GHz
  • Excellent channel-to-channel isolation
  • Higher packaging density saves space and weight


Part Numbers

  • 1996771-1: SMPM Connector PL 50Ohm Solder ST Cable Mount Gold Over Nickel
  • 2101012-1: SMPM Connector
  • 1996883-4: SMPM Connector PL 50Ohm Screw RA Panel Mount
  • 1996884-1: SMPM Connector PL 50Ohm Screw ST Panel Mount
  • 1996706-1: SMP and SMPM RF F 11 POS ST


VITA 61 Mezalok connectors

TE Mezalok™ connectors are rugged surface mount connectors featuring a quad redundant mini-box contact system having 500-mating-cycle durability. Engineered for high-speed reliability across the most adverse environments, the Mezalok connector enables 10+ Gb/s data rates coupled with a four-point redundant contact system based on the M55302 standard. The 114-position connectors are compliant with VITA 61 for XMC 2.0 applications.


  • 114-position module is VITA 61 compliant
  • 60, 114, and 320 positions
  • 10, 12, 15, and 18 mm stack heights


  • Rugged surface-mount mezzanine connector with 500 mating cycle durability
  • Improved thermal cycling stability compared to VITA 42 connectors—2000 or more thermal shock cycles
  • Supports data rates to 5+ Gb/s
  • Anti-stubbing design during mating


  • Mini-Box contact system provides four points of contact for ultra-reliability
  • LCP plastic housings offer superior thermal stability and low outgassing
  • Compliant BGA board-attach supports standard surface mount processing and excellent thermal stability


Part Numbers

  • 2102060-1: Connector Box PL 114 POS 1.27mm Solder ST SMD


VITA 46 MULTIGIG RT 2 and MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors

Modular MULTIGIG RT 2 Connector System with Data Rates up to 10 Gb/s


The MULTIGIG™ RT 2 connector, the standard for VITA 46, represents a huge step forward in the world of rugged computing and C4ISR enabling technology. The connectors support speeds up to 10 Gb/s, providing a comfortable performance margin in VPX applications.

This modular connector system features a protected pin-less backplane connector and wafer-based design in place of pin contacts. Wafers, available for differential, single-ended, and power needs, can be easily modified to support specific customer needs for characteristic impedance, propagation delay, and other electrical parameters. This lightweight connector system also offers built in ESD features, enabling field serviceability, and is fully qualifies for VITA 47 environments.


  • The standard for VITA 46 applications
  • Modular connector system features a protected backplane connector


  • Supports speeds up to 10 Gb/s, providing a comfortable performance margin in VPX applications


  • Wafers are easily modified to support the need for propagation delay, characteristic impedance, and other electrical parameters
  • Lightweight connector offers built-in ESD features enabling field serviceability

Ultra-rugged MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors

MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors are an evolution of MULTIGIG RT 2 connectors, designed to offer even more ruggedness and reliability in demanding high-vibration environments. They go beyond VITA 47 environmental performance to meet the demanding requirements of VITA 72.

The connectors are specified for VITA 78 SpaceVPX™ fault tolerant interoperable backplanes and modules. The lightweight connectors offer low outgassing and resist the growth of tin whiskers to high reliability in the challenging environment of space. Backward compatible to all existing VITA 46 daughter cards, rugged MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors have a pin-less interface tested to 10,000 mating/unmating cycles. The connector has been torture tested by exposing a 6U VPX test unit to random vibration levels of 0.2 g2/Hz for 12 hours.


  • Passes extreme requirements of VITA 72 study group
  • Features a quad-redundant contact system for greater reliability in a high vibration environment
  • Specified for VITA 78 SpaceVPX applications


  • Compatible with standard MULTIGIG RT-2 connectors for VITA 46
  • Optimized footprints for signal integrity and ease of board design
  • Low outgassing


Part Numbers

  • 1410189-3: Connector Daughter Card PL 56 POS 1.8mm Solder RA Thru-Hole
  • 1410187-3: Connector Daughter Card PL 112 POS 1.8mm Solder RA Thru-Hole
  • 1410190-3: Connector Daughter Card PL 112 POS 1.8mm Press Fit RA Thru-Hole
  • 2102772-1: Connector Daughter Card PL 56 POS 1.8mm Solder RA Thru-Hole
  • 1410186-1: Connector Daughter Card RCP 72 POS 1.8mm Solder ST Thru-Hole




TE, Mezalok and MULTIGIG and are trademarks of TE Connectivity.

VITA, VPX and SpaceVPX are trademarks of VITA.

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Rugged High Speed Solutions That Save Weight and Space.