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Samtec 28Gbps+ Interconnect

Samtec 28Gbps interconnect portfolio

Samtec board

The Avnet and Samtec partnership delivers tomorrow’s complex electronic design solutions. We bring people and technology together through on-site, local and regional training events and leading-edge online development tools. We dedicate ourselves to making the product selection, evaluation and design process easier for our customers, answering a new generation of technical and business needs.

Increasing data rates, denser systems and shrinking product footprints challenge designers to meet their system high-speed interconnect needs. Samtec provides engineers the service, products, tools and resources to optimize the entire system signal chain from the backplane to the front panel.

ExaMAX® high-speed backplane connector system

ExaMAX® high speed backplane interconnects deliver 28 Gbps electrical performance while offering a migration path to 56 Gbps.

ExaMAX High-Speed Backplane Connector System


  • Enables 28 Gbps electrical performance on 2.00 mm column pitch
  • Exceeds OIF CEI-28G-LR specification for 28 Gbps standards
  • Individual signal wafers in a staggered, differential pair design:
    • 72-pair design: 6-pair x 12 column
    • 40-pair design: 4-pair x 10 column
  • Wafer incorporates a one-piece embossed ground structure:
    • Increased isolation significantly reduces crosstalk
  • Ground placement engineered for:
    • 92Ω option addresses both 85Ω and 100Ω applications
  • Balanced differential pairs are arranged in columns with zero skew
  • Press-fit tails provide a reliable electrical connection between the connector and the board
  • Blind mate capable with built-in macro and micro guidance modules that allow for self-capture, self-alignment and mating without damage.
  • High power modules deliver bulk current to mating power components at 80 A per module.



SEARAY™ high-density open pin field arrays

Samtec’s SEARAY™ mezzanine connectors are the industry’s largest offering of high speed, high density open pin field arrays. They support 28+ Gbps applications and maximum grounding and routing capabilities.

SEARAY High-Density Open Pin Field Arrays


  • .050" (1.27 mm) pitch grid for maximum routing flexibility
  • Up to 500 single-ended I/Os or 125 differential pairs
  • Up to 36 Gbps performance
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact system less prone to damage when “zippered” during unmating
  • 7 to 40 mm stack heights
  • Parallel, perpendicular, and coplanar applications
  • Solder on each tail for ease of processing
  • High-speed cable assemblies for 50Ω or 100Ω solutions
  • Press-fit tails available
  • VITA 42, VITA 57, VITA 57.4


Part Family

  • ASP-134486-01: FMC Female Connector, lead free, (HPC), 400 I/O
  • ASP-134488-01: FMC Connector, lead free, (HPC), 400 I/O, male 10 mm mated stack
  • ASP-134602-01: FMC Connector, lead free, (HPC), 400 I/O, male 8.5mm mated stack
  • ASP-134603-01: FMC ASP-134603-01 FMC Female Connector, lead free, (LPC), 160 I/O
  • ASP-134604-01: FMC Connector, lead free, (LPC), 160 I/O, male 10 mm mated stack
  • ASP-134606-01: FMC Connector, lead free, (LPC), 160 I/O, male 8.5mm mated stack



Z-Ray® ultra low profile interposers

Z-Ray® micro array interposers are ultra-low profile, high density, highly customizable solutions for board-to-board, IC-to-board, and cable-to-board applications.

Z-Ray Ultra Low Profile Interposers


  • Low profile body height (down to 0.50mm) in a one piece design
  • High performance up to 28+ Gbps
  • Choice of 0.80 mm or 1.00 mm pitch grid
  • Customer-specific pin counts for ultimate high density and speed flexibility
  • Customer-specific stack heights, insulator shapes, and plating thicknesses
  • Variety of standard and custom configurations
  • Dual compression or single compression and solder ball
  • An array of sizes and shapes
    • Square, rectangle
    • Customer-specific shapes
    • Alignment and screw hole options



FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™

FireFly™ systems enableschip-to-chip, board-to-board, on-board and system-to-system connectivity at data rates up to 28 Gbps. FireFly™ provides designers the flexibility to use copper or optical  interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system.

FireFly Micro Flyover System

FireFly™ ECUE Series Features:

  • Performance up to 28 Gbps
  • A large variety of connector termination options
  • 50Ω 38 AWG micro ribbon coax cable
  • Capability to enable test and verification of connectors during manufacturing

FireFly™  ECUO Series Features:

  • x4 Full-Duplex or x12 Half-Duplex transceiver systems
  • 14 Gbps and 28 Gbps (in development) options
  • Proven 850 nm VCSEL array technology
  • Available in panel mount or full Tx-to-Rx active optical cable
  • Protocol agnostic and supports all data center and HPC protocols



Samtec Interconnect

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