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Renesas Visible Things IoT Kit

Visible Things IoT Kit with Renesas Synergy™

Ready-to-use kit with smart sensor

Visible Things simplifies the complexity of secure edge to enterprise IoT technology. It delivers a complete evaluation and reference platform to connect smart devices right through to the cloud and enterprise software. Avnet supports an ever increasing range of sensor, connectivity, gateway and security technologies, together with cloud, analytics, mobile and enterprise integration services. We regularly add new features, provide updates and deliver training on our Visible Things platform.

Avnet‘s Visible Things Industrial starter kit provides a comprehensive edge to enterprise eco system based on the Renesas Synergy Platform, delivering a turn-key solution for many different applications where Renesas Synergy is used as the key element that can handle an outstanding range of connectivity tasks.

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Synergy™ Platform

The Renesas Synergy Platform is easy-to-use, designed to accelerate time to market and reduce total cost of ownership.