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Renesas Synergy ™ Platform

Today, companies large and small race to capitalize on the rapidly growing IoT and embedded system markets. Design engineers face many challenges—acquiring and mastering new technologies, developing code for low level system infrastructure, performing integration and test, meeting aggressive schedules— all while facing intense cost and resource pressures. A solid embedded software platform is the answer to these challenges by freeing resources to develop differentiated products instead of creating and maintaining the fundamental, yet essential system structure underneath.

Renesas introduces such a platform that is truly complete, fully tested and qualified, and systematically maintained and supported so you can start your application software development immediately at the API level without worry.

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Synergy software

The Renesas Synergy™ Platform— a comprehensive product that integrates software, a scalable family of microcontrollers, plus all of the development essentials, enabling you to innovate and deliver differentiated products before your competition does.

Synergy Software Chart

At the heart of Renesas Synergy™ Software is the Synergy Software Package (SSP) that integrates Express Logic ThreadX® RTOS, plus stacks, libraries and utilities, including NetX Duo™, USBX™, GUIX™, and FileX®, with a rich application framework and drivers— all optimized specifically for the Renesas Synergy™ MCU architecture.

Renesas Synergy Software API

The SSP was developed under strict Renesas Software Quality Assurance requirements and in accordance with industry best practices. Regularly maintained as commercial software over a lifetime, the SSP is warranted to operate within specifications published in a datasheet. Renesas is the first MCU supplier to make this bold step. A rich ecosystem of third-party software components is opened with a selection of Verified Software Add-ons (VSAs) on the Renesas Synergy™ Gallery, all certified to be SSP-compatible for seamless expansion of the SSP into specialized functions.

Synergy MCU Scalability and Compatibility

Four Renesas Synergy™ MCU series, spanning a wide spectrum, are based on 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M CPU cores for use in products ranging from ultra-small mobile devices to large, calculation-intensive applications. The MCUs are feature and pin compatible, allowing easy scalability and code reuse from one device to another.



Developers know missed deadlines mean lost opportunities. Building your differentiating application code on top of the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) enables you to sidestep common concerns during development, integration and testing of embedded software on a MCU device. Save precious resources and months of development time, or apply those gains to innovate your product even further. Renesas stands behind all platform components and is the single source for all product support and quality assurance, saving you time and avoiding trouble.


Lower Total Cost
Build or Buy? Costs associated with a product’s lifetime reach far beyond the bill-of–materials. Research, learning new technologies, employing specialized talent, integration, optimization, test, support, maintenance, managing updates securely— they all affect the bottom line and burn resources just to establish a baseline platform to begin your product differentiation. The Renesas Synergy™ Platform drastically cuts total cost of ownership by providing and maintaining that baseline platform for a fraction of the cost over the lifetime of your product.

Lower Total Cost

Eliminate Barriers to Entry
The Renesas Synergy™ Platform breaks common obstacles brought on by risk of new technologies and cost of entry so you can take your next great idea to market without fear. No upfront cost to realize your dream — sign up and evaluate the entire SSP at zero cost. Purchase just one Renesas Synergy™ MCU device and get full use of thousands of dollars’ worth of commercial software. There’s no function limitation and you get an unlimited number of development seats. Use the SSP on an unlimited number of MCUs and end-products. Maintenance and technical support over the MCU product lifetime is included. No barriers!

Eliminate Barriers to Entry



Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit DK-S3ARenesas Synergy ™ Development Kit DK-S3A
The DK-S3A7 development kit is host to a Synergy S3 Series MCU from the S3A7 group, a super-efficient MCU because of its ARM® Cortex®-M4 CPU core with FPU running at moderate speed on an ultra-low power silicon process. The DK-S3A7 kit is engineered to allow you to harness and measure this efficiency while developing software for your end-product using the Synergy Platform. The kit is comprised of two circuit boards, the upper board hosting the MCU and close-coupled connectors for adding capacitive touch expansion boards, and the lower board for signal expansion and implementation special functions, and to provide connectivity such as USB-FS host and device, CAN with PHY, and more. Open the product's overview to learn more.


Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit DK-S7G2Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit DK-S7G2
The DK-S7G2 development kit provides a complete basis for hardware and software development using the Synergy Platform. The kit is host to a Synergy S7 series MCU from the S7G2 group - today’s flagship Synergy MCU device. The DK-S7G2 kit was designed from the beginning with ease of use in mind having automated blocks of signal routing on-board including a quick check through LEDs if routing is correct for the desired macro functions, providing error-proof configuration. DK-S7G2 kits are comprised of two circuit boards, the upper board hosting the MCU and the lower board for signal expansion and to implement special functions. This partitioning is very convenient to access all the MCU functions and pins, plus the lower board can be replaced with your own custom board for rapidly prototyping your specific end-product. Expansion capability is designed into this kit with many connection points plus industry-standard PmodTM connectors for attaching a variety of multi-function boards in the market, or for connecting custom boards. Open the product's overview to learn more.


Renesas Synergy ™ Product Example PE-HMI1Renesas Synergy ™ Product Example PE-HMI1
The PE-HMI1 Product Example offers a unique perspective into a “design instance” of a particular end product, in this case a connected Human Machine Interface, closely representing how the actual end-product would be designed using the Synergy Platform. As a time saver, portions of this PE design can be re-used in actual end-product, or the entire PE design can be leveraged by using the documented design journey, included to describe the decision process made by the original PE designers, to modify the PE design to meet particular needs. Synergy PE design journeys document the methodology of how and why design choices were made and the reasoning behind the selection of components and methodologies. Synergy PEs offer complete and optimized hardware design with full documentation, a bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files for PC board layout. Open the product's overview to learn more.


Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit SK-S7G2Renesas Synergy ™ Development Kit SK-S7G2
The SK-S7G2 Starter Kit is an extremely low-cost way to access the entire Synergy Platform enabling full development using the vast majority of all Synergy Software Package (SSP) functions. High speed connectivity over Ethernet, USB-HS host and USB-FS device, CAN, plus wireless connectivity to mobile Internet devices via BLE 4.0 can be exercised and tailored to your needs. Color graphics, audio, and capacitive touch user interface features of SSP are operative with the ability to exercise the SSP’s Application Framework to balance simultaneous connectivity and user interface activities all managed by the ThreadX® RTOS. Within minutes you can experience the capabilities of the Synergy Series S7 MCU from the S7G2 MCU group plus all the ingredients of the Synergy Platform. Expansion of the SK-S7G2 board is available via ArduinoTM and PmodTM connection points enabling you to add your own functionality to the baseline.Open the product's overview to learn more


Synergy roadmap

Synergy Roadmap


Scalability and compatibility

Renesas Synergy MCUs scale up and down in memory size and in function across the entire portfolio with pin-to-pin compatibility. This means drop-in pin-to-pin compatibility for similar packages within a given MCU series and extremely similar pin compatibility across similar packages over different MCU series. Since Renesas Synergy MCUs were designed from the start with pin compatibility in mind, it is even possible to create circuit board layouts with multiple package footprints within each other (a smaller package footprint inside a larger package footprint) for flexible manufacturing options of your end-product

Peripheral compatibility is also a reality across the entire Renesas Synergy MCU portfolio meaning that a given peripheral (a UART or a timer for example) has the same baseline functions in all the MCUs series, but the peripherals scale upward in function for higher MCUs. Software developed for one MCU series has high re-use on other series MCUs. Develop once, use multiple times. This also simplifies maintenance, documentation, and ultimately saves time.

Scalability and Compatibility

Renesas Synergy Platform Scalability Example: Building Automation

High-End Security Panel with TFTLCD Economic Security Panel with TFTLCD Low-End Security Panel RF Wireless Motion Detector
High-End Security Panel with TFTLCD Economic Security Panel with TFTLCD Low-End Security Panel RF Wireless Motion Detector
  • Double the CPU speed and double the Flash size of S5 Series for high-end panels
  • Large on-chip SRAM for graphics frame buffer for option to eliminate external RAM
  • 2D graphics accelerator and support for up to WVGA resolution on TFTLCD panel
  • Enhanced user experience with on-chip color TFTLCD controller to drive inexpensive display up to VGA resolution
  • Ethernet networking connectivity
  • Quality audio for enhanced user experience
  • Large 2 MB on-chip flash plus QSPI interface for graphics and language storage
  • On-chip segment LCD controller enables use of less expensive display glass
  • Capacitive touch replaces mechanical buttons, enhancing experience and lowering manufacturing cost
  • Low power means smaller battery for back-up
  • Low power extends battery life
  • Low power on-chip analog interface detects motion in low power modes while CPU sleeps
  • Small form factor package enables portable solution






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Renesas Synergy


Development kits

Learn more about the Synergy ™ Platform kits.


S7 Cortex®-M4 240 MHz



S3 Cortex®-M4 48MHz



S1Cortex®-M0+32 MHz