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Prepare yourself for a total sound solution! At PUI Audio, we specialize in innovative audio components and have a comprehensive line of standard, special order, and custom order products, including indicators & transducers, piezo benders, speakers, sirens and microphones to prove it.

With over 40 years of experience in the audio business, we have the in-depth market knowledge you need in any application…medical, industrial, security & fire, food service equipment, retail scanners & readers, consumer electronics, and more. From the simplest beep or buzz to the most dynamic range output, our passion is to deliver a Total Sound Solution that you can trust.

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Audio Sound Exciters

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Join the audio revolution with PUI Audio’s new exhilarating Audio Sound eXciters! Transform nearly anything into an audio generating device without the challenges of speakers: complex chambers, the worry of environmental damage, or the need to change the look of your product with speaker holes just to have it make sound. They are driven just like a speaker, so your product that uses speakers is already compatible without any redesign…perfect for making your device completely water and dust proof!


SMT – 0440 Series Surface Mount Transducers

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PUI Audio, Inc. pushes the envelope of audio transducer design by shaving the size of their already small SMT-0540 transducers down 20% with their new SMT-0440 series surface mount transducers, adding sound to even smaller devices than ever before!

Both the side-firing SMT-0440-S-R and the top-firing SMT-0440-T-R feature overall dimensions of 4 mm wide, by 4mm deep, by 2 mm high to accommodate even the tightest, most crowded PCBs.

Built to be powered by a 2 to 4V0-p square wave, each device is capable of producing a 70 dB, 4 kHz tone (measured at 10 cm) while consuming no more than 90 mA. Bring your device to life with PUI Audio Inc.’s new SMT-0440 series transducers!


Enclosed speakers

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PUI Audio, Inc. introduces a new line of optimized, enclosed loudspeaker components. Carefully chosen drive units are paired to ABS enclosures, providing exceptional sound quality and durability. Each model is designed to maximize the SPL of the loudspeaker unit within its usable range.

Five variations have speaker elements that range from 16mm to 45mm (0.62 to 1.77 in) diameter with enclosures as shallow as 5mm (0.19 in.). Each is equipped with 150mm wire leads (26 AWG) attached for convenience in connectivity within any application. 


Piezo benders

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PUI Audio, Inc.’s Benders with integral Lead Wires make it easy to prototype and reduce the assembly time. Each bender has a generous 100mm long, UL1007 Rated wire in red (+) and black (-) soldered to the speaker with stripped and pre-tinned ends.

From the tiny, 9.9mm diameter AB1070B-LW100-R to the ear splitting 50 mm diameter AB5027B-3-LW100-R capable of 30Vp-p; you’re sure to find an application for these benders.



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PUI Audio, Inc.’s Speakers with integral Lead Wires make it easy to prototype and reduce the assembly time. Each speaker has a generous 152mm long, UL1007 Rated wire in red (+) and black (-) soldered to the speaker with stripped and pre-tinned ends.

The range is broad: From a startlingly powerful, yet low-profile AS01808MR-LW152-R to the stentorian Mylar AS06608MR-LW152-R or the wide-range and water resistant AS07108PO-LW152-WR-R; you’re sure to find an application for these speakers.


Custom sound solutions

Every project is different, and when a standard off-the-shelf solution doesn’t quite give the results you’re looking for, PUI Audio is here to help create a solution that fits your exact need.

  • Product & Sound Optimization – Form, Fit and Function are primary reasons to consider a customized product, and incorporating a unique audio profile in your product can help establish a distinct differentiation in the marketplace. Let PUI Audio help optimize the output to create that Unique, Set-Your-Product-Apart Sound and Enhanced User Experience.
  • Engineering Support – Regardless of the application, our domestic Applications and Design Engineering support are available to help you develop a Sound Solution by working with you to define your unique sound characteristics and needs, dimensional specifications, termination preferences, mounting options, power requirements and use conditions.
  • Functional & Environmental Testing – Our full range of design and testing equipment includes an on-site anechoic sound chamber, state-of-the-art test software and equipment, full functional and HASS environmental test equipment, 3D printers, as well as microscopes and X-Ray equipment. These tools provide us with a unique position in the industry to help you create your next masterpiece.
  • On-Site Production Assistance – Our capabilities include the ability to help maximize your manufacturing processes and ensuring the best performance of our audio products. Access to a full production facility with state of the art manufacturing equipment allows us to simulate your production conditions, perform enhanced product testing, product diagnostic testing, accelerated life testing and/or application-specific testing. Whatever your application, we want you to achieve the most enhanced audio experience from PUI Audio.




The Invisible Speaker

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PUI Audio is a complete solutions provider offering the complete anything-and-everything spectrum of audio products.