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Programmable logic, kits & tools promotion

Save $50 on Programmable Logic and Kits & Tools! Minimum order $675.

Use promocode: PRGLGKTS82017


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Programmable logic

Programmable logic components are used to build reconfigurable digital circuits, shortening development cycles for manufacturers and helping them get their product to market faster. Two major types include Complex Programmable Logic Devices and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Applications for programmable logic are varied but are featured in Industrial, Automotive, HiRel, Radar and Sonar, and Communications.

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Kits & Tools

Kits and Tools comprise bundled integrated circuits, boards and components to provide engineers with cost and time savings during the design and build phases of project management and help to deliver a relatively risk-free design examples for the finished product. Extending both the time to market and the time in market factors.

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Promotion Details

Promotion applies to web orders placed on the Americas portion of the website.

$50 Credit

Receive a $50 credit toward your order when you purchase $675 or more from the Programmable Logic and Kits & Tools categories. Use the promo code PRGLGKTS82017 at checkout to receive the credit.

Products from the following manufacturers are excluded from the promotion and do not count toward the $675 minimum purchase: Analog Devices, Avnet Engineering Services, IDT, Renesas, Laird Technologies, Microchip, On Semiconductor, Silego, Xilinx.

This promotion may not be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or special pricing. Account level restrictions apply, all accounts may not be eligible for this promotion.


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