Technology for low lighting imaging

Clarity+ (C+) is an alternative filter where, in the standard Bayer Color Filter Array (CFA), the green spots are substituted with clear spots, allowing the entire visible spectrum to pass through.

Standard Bayer RGB CFA Clarity+

Standard Bayer RGB CFA Technology Clarity+ Technology - 2x more signals for clear vs. green
The advantage of this technology is an improvement of the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) thanks to the fact that the sensor takes almost 2 times the light compared to the standard configuration. This helps improving the quality of the image, especially in low light conditions where the Clarity+ taps all its potential.

Standard Bayer RGB CFA Clarity+

Foto taken with Standard Beyer RGB FCA technology. Foto taken with Clarity+ technology.

The implementation of Clarity+ requires  post processing of the raw signal in order to re-calculate the missing green component. The image processor has to calculate the green component by subtracting the red and blue components from the clear pixels.

Woman taking a selfie at night

Low lighting imaging

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