NXP With Molex Interconnect

Connecting NXP i.MX applications processors with Molex interconnect products

A versatile and secure multicore platform for multimedia and display applications, NXP ARM®-based i.MX applications processors deliver scalable power, performance and peripherals that are optimal for your application needs. The processors enable security, advanced HMI, energy efficiency and connectivity and communication in the consumer, automotive and industrial markets.

Connecting these i.MX applications processors to displays, cameras, keypads and various I/O requires a broad portfolio of interconnect products. As one the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection products, Molex develops the solutions linking i.MX applications processors in next-generation smart devices.


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  • Ultra low profile, short length and narrow width
  • Metal covers available on SlimStack Armor™ connectors
  • Integral metal power nails
  • Dual contact design
  • Wide alignment area housing lead-in
  • Housing canopy cover
  • Contact design with audible and tactile mating features
  • Wide vacuum pick-and-place area
  • Offers maximum space savings
  • Prevent housing damage during mating
  • Provide 3.0A of power with superior contact assurance
  • Provides secure electrical and mechanical reliability even after repeat cycling
  • Facilitates mating for more efficient operator assembly
  • Provides an anti-zippering barrier that prevents contact pullout from angled unmating
  • Provides operators with maximum mating assurance
  • Accommodates automatic board placement even with narrow width


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  • Complete range of antennas including: multi-frequency standalone for Wi-Fi bands; ISM; cellular; LTE; mobile TV; smallest surface-mount, on-ground antenna in the industry
  • Standard antennas developed from years of custom antenna design experience
  • Development and manufacturing capabilities
  • Simple plug and play 50 Ohm passive antenna interfaces
  • Combines high-efficiency, ground-plane independent designs that are easy to tune. Requires minimal in-house customer RF expertise
  • Provides shortened customer product development cycles with proven Molex experience. Custom antenna designs offered if needed.
  • Offer integrated design, test and manufacturing services for standard and customized LDS or coax antenna designs
  • Complete wide-band coverage without the need for costly active circuitry, switches or controls, reduces engineering costs and bill of material

Switches & keypads

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  • Light-weight and low profile
  • Easy to shield
  • Extremely resistant to shock and vibration
  • Sealed and internally vented
  • Superior tactile response that is consistent from switch to switch
  • Stainless steel domes, designed by a worldwide company that is experienced in high-speed stamping
  • Snap-dome contacts
  • Allows addition of simple electronic components onto the flexible switch substrate
  • Permits integration into smaller and thinner packages
  • Offers protection against static discharge and EMI/RFI
  • Exceptional performance in commercial applications
  • Resistant to dust and moisture
  • Extremely reliable contact system that withstands even the most rugged commercial environment
  • Dome designs are produced with auto-placement, ensuring product reliability
  • Superior tactile feeling
  • Eliminates the need for an additional LED or display board mounted below the switch substrate

RJ45 solutions

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  • Ganged 12-port and 8-port RJ45 modules
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3ab standard
  • Gigabit magnetics compatible with a variety of Gigabit Ethernet transceiver PHYs
  • Industry-standard footprint
  • Two single- or bi-colour LED’s per port
  • Fully parametric, HiPot and DC tested modules with excellent EMI filtering
  • High-density port-count. Lower placement costs
  • Capable of 10/100/1000Mbit transmission
  • Proven parametric and EMI solution for main PHY vendors
  • Drop-in replacement for competitor products; second source for customer
  • Supports multiple status indicators and colour requirements
  • Ensures high reliability and low yield-loss in customer applications. Easier IEEE and regulatory qualifications

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