Micron® Xccela™ Flash Memory

Xccela ™ flash memory sets a new record for NOR flash speeds to meet the demand for instant-on performance and fast system responsiveness in automotive, industrial, consumer and networking applications. With Xccela flash, system designers no longer have to choose between the performance of parallel NOR and the small footprint of serial NOR. Our Xccela flash uses a new interface with as few as 11 active signals. It delivers 5X performance while reducing pin count by 4X, energy consumption by 3X and package size by 2X compared to the page mode parallel NOR solution. In addition to enabling one of the fastest possible direct code execution and shadowing, Xccela flash paves the way for simpler system designs, lower system costs and lower energy consumption.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Densities: 256Mb to 2Gb
  • Performance: Up to 200 MHz in double data rate (DDR) with data strobe, 400 MB/s read throughput or 166 MHz in single transfer rate, 166 MB/s read throughput, 73.3ns initial access time and 2.5ns subsequent access time, 2 MB/s (256 bytes page buffer) program throughput
  • Interface: Standard single SPI interface and octal I/O interface, along with DDR mode, to enable a high degree of flexibility, performance and backward compatibility; only 11 active signals for DDR operation
  • Single Supply Voltage: Low-voltage range (1.7–2.0V) or full voltage range (2.7–3.6V) support
  • Energy Consumption: Low 28 pJ/bit energy consumption
  • Package Options: Industry-standard, Pb-free TBGA24
  • Temperature Range: Full industrial (–40°C to 85°C) and automotive AEC-Q 100 Grade 2/Grade 1 (–40°C to 105°C/125°C) temperature support to address a variety of applications
  • Security*: Hardware and software block protection; one-time programmable region


Micron NOR Flash Product Family

Product Family Voltage Range Sector Erase Size Bus Width Density Range1 Max Clock/Max Data Transfer Rate Package1
Xccela Flash/MT35X 1.7–2.0V,
Uniform 4KB, 32KB, 128KB x1, x8 256Mb–2Gb 200 MHz DDR
(400 MB/s)
MT25T 2.7–3.6V Uniform 4KB, 32KB, 64KB x1, x2, x4, x8 256Mb–1Gb 166 MHz (166 MB/s) BGA
MT25Q 1.7–2.0V,
Uniform 4KB, 32KB, 64KB x1, x2, x4 128Mb–2Gb 166 MHz (83 MB/s) DFN, BGA,
MT28EW 1.65–3.6V Uniform 128KB x8, x16 128Mb–1Gb 95ns, 20ns page TSOP, BGA
MT28FW 1.65–3.6V Uniform 128KB x16 512Mb–2Gb2 105ns, 20ns page TSOP, BGA



1. Not all densities available in all package and voltage combinations.
2. Stacked solution.

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Xccela™ Flash Memory

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