Easy module with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 technology

Tailored for industrial drive applications

Infineon’s Easy module is now equipped with the brand-new TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 technology, the 1200 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 and EC7 diode. These technologies are based on the latest micro-pattern trench technology, which provides greatly reduced losses, and offers a high level of controllability.

The new chip is specially optimized for industrial drive applications, which means for lower static losses, higher power density and softer switching. Additionally, by raising the allowed maximum chip operation temperature up to 175 °C, a significant increase of power density can be obtained.

The key benefits of TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 includes:

  • Low losses, new chip technology shows extremely lower losses with optimized low VCE(sat);
  • dv/dt optimized for 2-8k V/µs, tailored for drive application
  • Short circuit is tailored for better performance, 8µs @150°C is enough for drive application
  • Simpler gate drive, is optimized for application condition, only a gate resistor is enough to control
  • Increase of Tvj,op up to 175°C  increase the power density

The new Easy module with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 shows better performance, offers easy, time-to-market design, and brings system cost savings to industrial drives. It is the best choice on the market for new industrial drive design.


Infineon is launching the first lead types of EasyPIM™ and EasyPACK™ with TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 in 10 A, 25 A and 100 A:


Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7  Easy 1B


Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7  Easy 1B


Infineon's TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7  Easy 2B

Recommended Gate Driver:

Every switch needs a driver IC and so Infineon is offering a wide range of gate driver ICs that fit to the Easy modules with 1200 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT 7:

For the FP10R12W1T7_B11 and FP25R12W1T7_B11 Infineon recommends:


Infineon's IR2214SS gate driver


Infineon's 1EDC30I12MH gate driver


Infineon's 2ED020I12-F2 gate driver

For the FS100R12W2T7 please look at following gate drivers:


Infineon's IR2214SS gate driver


Infineon's 1EDI60I12AF gate driver


Infineon's 1ED020I12-B2 gate driver

App Note


This app note provides background information of designers of power electronic systems and detailed clarification of the parameters and diagrams in the TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7 module.


TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT7: The right fit for industrial drives

Electric-motor systems consume nearly half of all electric energy generation. Variable speed drives (VSD) enable energy savings and increase overall system efficiency.