Infineon OPTIGA™ Family

Authentication & device security and Trusted Computing

The OPTIGA™ family of products consists of turn-key and programmable solutions that give you the benefit of easy and convenient integration whilst offering you the most suitable security to protect your business and product. It contains a full range of embedded security products addressing the device authentication market which enables the right features and the right level of security for your projects such as the protection of embedded systems against counterfeiting, unauthorized products, intentional attacks, and unintentional operator errors.

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Trust B

Infineon’s SLE 95250 is part of the OPTIGA™ Trust Family. It is an authentication product that offers a robust cryptographic solution, designed to assist system manufacturers to prove the authenticity, integrity, and safety of their original products.

  • Improved Security:
    • With state of the art asymmetric elliptic curve authentication principle
    • With uniqueness provided by chip individual key pair
  • Optimized system costs with 1 chip solution
  • Easy integration due to full turnkey solution
  • Lean and easy connectivity with Single Wire Interface
  • Tiny footprint using TNSP-6-9 Package
Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust B

OPTIGA™ Trust B    —   SLE95250-0000


  • Strong Asymmetric Cryptography with ECC 131 bit Key Length
  • Turnkey Solution Including Host Side Software for Easy Integration
  • 512 bit user NVM
  • Easy to Implement Single-Wire Host Interface
  • Unique Asymmetric Key Pair per Chip
  • Size Optimized TNSP-6-9 Package (1.5x1.1mm)


  • Printer Cartridges
  • Authentication of System Service
  • Accessories
  • Original Replacements Parts
  • Medical & Diagnostic Supply Equipment
  • Functionalities and Parts in Networked Systems


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