Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust Family

Authentication & device security

The OPTIGA™ Trust family of products consists of turn-key and programmable solutions that give you the benefit of easy and convenient integration whilst offering you the most suitable security to protect your business and product. It contains a full range of embedded security products addressing the device authentication market which enables the right features and the right level of security for your projects such as the protection of embedded systems against counterfeiting, unauthorized products, intentional attacks, and unintentional operator errors.

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TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

The Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM (Trusted Platform Module) family is a standardized security controller family which provides a wide range of security functions for embedded platforms. As the leader of Trusted Computing solutions Infineon offers a broad range of products meeting your specific requirements.

Security and functionality of all OPTIGA™ TPM products are based on Infineon’s advanced hardware security technology. The products are designed according to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications and are certified Common Criteria1) CC EAL4+. The security functions include system and data integrity, authentication, secured communication, secured data storage and secured updates.

Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM

OPTIGA™ TPM    —   SLB9670, SLB9665


  • High-end security controller with advanced cryptographic algorithms implemented in hardware (e.g. RSA & ECC256, SHA-256)
  • Common Criteria (EAL4+) and FIPS security certification
  • Security certified supply chain
  • Official TPM product listed at Trusted Computing Group
  • Flexible integration predicated on SPI, I2C or LPC interface support
  • Extended temperature range (-40 to +85°C) for a variety of applications
  • Firmware upgrade capability
  • VQFN-32 & TSSOP-28 package
  • Built-in True Random Number generator, Tick-Counter, Dictionary Attack Lock-out
  • Secure Storage and Management of Keys and Data
  • Platform protection for embedded systems with Measured/Trusted Boot
  • Strong Authentication of Platform and Users



  • PC and embedded computing
  • Network equipment
  • Industrial control systems
  • Home security and automation
  • Energy generation and distribution systems
  • Automotive electronics

Product Benefits

  • Reduced risk based on proven technology provided by the market leader
  • High confidence level based on common Criteria certification
  • Easy integration based on standardization


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