Infineon OPTIGA™ Family

Authentication & device security and Trusted Computing

The OPTIGA™ family of products consists of turn-key and programmable solutions that give you the benefit of easy and convenient integration whilst offering you the most suitable security to protect your business and product. It contains a full range of embedded security products addressing the device authentication market which enables the right features and the right level of security for your projects such as the protection of embedded systems against counterfeiting, unauthorized products, intentional attacks, and unintentional operator errors.

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Trust P Demo Kit

  • OPTIGA™ Trust P Board
  • Host Controller Board
  • Connection Cables
  • Demo Utility Software (PC)
  • Demo System User Guide
  • OPTIGA™ Trust P Product Brief


Trust (SLS 10ERE)

  • Based on IFX XMC4500
  • Built-in JTAG interface for Debugging
  • IDE with free License (HiTOP)
  • USB: Simulated Host, Windows based GUI (For Demo)



  • Plug-in Board (IRIDIUM) for the RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard-xM
  • Documentation
  • Plug-in Board (Xenon) for x86 motherboard based systems with LPC interface

Trust E (SLS 32AIA)

  • XMC4500 Relax Kit with Extension Board include OPTIGA ™ Trust E
  • Includes all required Cables, Software & Documentation
  • Linux Device Driver Integrated in Standard Kernel from v3.10 on
  • Additional Software for Linux Available, e.g. TrouSerS, jTSS
  • Support for Wide Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
  • Support of Low-Power and Standby Mode
  • Support of Software and Hardware Physical Presence


IoT security brochure

Download IoT Security Brochure



OPTIGA Trust P demo kit

OPTIGA™ Trust P Programmable Authentication and Security Solution. Application Kit For OPTIGA Trust P Family Products

OPTIGA Trust P Demo Kit