Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series

Dell Edge Gateway 5000 series

Collect, analyze, relay and act on Internet of Things data at the edge of the network with this IoT gateway purpose-built for building and industrial automation.

Analytics at the edge

The Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is designed to aggregate, secure and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment. The Intel® Atom™ processor provides capacity to perform local analytics so only meaningful information is sent to the next tier, which could be another gateway, the datacenter or the cloud. This minimizes consumption of expensive network bandwidth and reduces overall solution latency.

For IT and operations technology

Unlike PCs and servers, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series is designed to attach to a wall or DIN rail in commercial and industrial environments. Combine the gateway with Dell’s IT expertise, choice of operating system and software from our certified, operations-focused ISV partners to meet the needs of both IT and Operations Technology (OT) organizations.

Tough for many environments

Engineered with an industrial-grade form factor and fanless, solid-state design, the Dell gateway can reliably run 24x7 with long life at extended temperatures, in addition to withstanding the higher levels of humidity and dust typical of industrial environments.

Expanded I/O and communication protocols

Make the most of the equipment you already have and expand capabilities with new technologies. Connect broadly with the physical world using Dell IoT gateways, bridging both legacy systems and modern sensors to the internet. With the right physical I/O and our certified ISV middleware, you can aggregate and normalize virtually any data source, ranging from industry-standard protocols such as BACNet, Modbus and CANbus, to modern wireless mesh networks like ZigBee, 6LoWPAN and ZWave.

Security built-In

You can depend on Dell’s broad IT security portfolio. Dell’s gateways feature a TPM chip for hardware root of trust, secure boot and BIOS-level lockdown of unused I/O ports. Security is as much about best practices as it is features and Dell offers expertise to build security measures throughout your solution.

Flexibility and manageability

Dell IoT gateways are designed for the flexible manageability that IT requires. WindRiver is supported by Helix Device Cloud and Ubuntu and Windows IoT customers get their choice of Dell Cloud Client Manager (CCM) or a third-party on-premise console such as Microsoft System Center, backed by the Dell Command Client Suite for both Linux and Windows.

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Dell Edge Gateway 5000

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