Avnet Agate IoT Solution

Agate LS1021A Gateway and Cellular Connectivity Kit

The Avnet Agate IOT Solution provides an integrated starting point for OEMs seeking to develop low-cost, long-life, connected gateways for IOT applications, with a rock-solid software platform, and integrated device management.

The Avnet Agate IOT Solution is a reference platform for OEMs seeking to build IoT Gateways or edge devices requiring high processing performance, low power dissipation, and a high level of I/O capability. This is ideal for so-called “Fog Computing” applications where data analysis and local control are system requirements. Software development support, maintenance, and security are provided by Wind River, a leading vendor of Linux platform solutions for the IoT. The solution comes in the form of two kits, the Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit and the Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit.

Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit

The Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit, which is based on the LS1021A-IOTB from NXP, comes packaged with Wind River Pulsar Linux.

Setting the LS1021A-IoT gateway apart is the wide assortment of high speed and serial based connectivity it offers in a compact, highly secure design, delivering an impressive level of versatility.

Key Hardware Features

  • NXP LS1021A, dual-core, ARM® Cortex A7 running at 1 GHz, delivering 5000 CoreMark® performance at less than 3Wagate gateway
  • 1 Gb QSPI NOR Flash
  • 1 GB DDR3L
  • 2 USB3 ports (front panel USB-A connectors)
  • SDHC slot - up to 32 GB
  • 1x One Gb/s Ethernet (SGMII)
  • 1x One Gb/s Ethernet (RGMII)
  • 2x mini PCIe (x1) slots
  • 1x mSATA slot
  • 1x Terminal (USB to UART)
  • 1x Four wire LP-UART to Arduino connector
  • Muxed LCD/QE interface
  • 24-bit LVDS LCD interface
  • QE UART to header for PROFIBUS or RS485 (external transceiver required)

Packaged with the Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit is Wind River® Pulsar™ Linux, a small, secure Linux OS for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Features of Pulsar include:

  • Easy application development: Using the provided SDK, application developers can focus directly on their own value-added features.  And, using the Helix App Cloud, developers can write and debug embedded applications on remote targets using a cloud-based IDE and SDK.
  • Top-to-bottom security: From secure boot to middleware and applications, all transfers are made via a certified repository feed. Pulsar provides updates including ongoing security patches and other critical Linux updates.
  • Software updates for deployed devices: A smart update agent connects to certified repositories for updating devices deployed in the field.
  • Extensibility via packages: You can add packages on the target from a certified repository or build packages on the target.
  • Containers for application middleware abstraction: Pulsar can bring any application from any ecosystem to run on any device, even applications that need their own middleware.
  • Free open source software (FOSS) compliance: Source code is provided for power users.

Key Benefits Attributes

  • Quick-to-market OEM reference design for IOT gateway applications
  • Long-life, high-performance, power efficient processor
  • High-performance peripheral I/O including multiple USB3, PCIe and gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Supported embedded Linux binary distribution from Wind River including a 90-day trial of Wind River Workbench
  • Easy and fast application development
  • Secure and supported Linux platform
  • Software compatible with wireless kits
  • Compatible with other IOT cloud platforms

The Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit lowers the cost of your connected gateway by providing you with a high-performance, power efficient, and long-life product with tons of IO.  This provides the compute performance needed now and for years to come, when you’ve installed them and need to add unexpected application workloads.  Applications requiring custom form-factors, specialized market certifications (e.g. aerospace and medical), ruggedized design, and long-life are all ideal opportunities for this Gateway solution.

Other opportunities for this platform include high volume applications (greater than 5K pieces) where customers are seeking to reduce total bill of material (BOM) cost relative to off-the-shelf gateway products.

Embedded Linux is the OS of choice for gateways, but building and maintaining your own embedded Linux distribution is time-consuming and costly.  As part of the Gateway Kit, Wind River Pulsar Linux provides a supported starting point for your embedded Linux platform.  Because this is a connected Gateway, we’ve packaged many of the popular IOT packages and applications frameworks, and we’ve also included an easy-to-use web-based configuration interface for the Gateway, based on LuCI.

Additionally, ensuring that your system is running a trusted software platform is tremendously important.  We’ve worked with Wind River to package the Wind River Linux Security Profile, enabling secure boot using signed bootloader and kernel images, as well as runtime role-based access control.

The Agate LS1021A Gateway is IBM Bluemix ready.

Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit

The Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit is a certified HSPA+ (3G) cellular connectivity solution that is plug-in compatible with the Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit.  Including a SIM from Aeris and an evaluation data plan, the Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit provides a fast way to add wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity for applications such as:

  • Mobile and transportation gateways
  • Backup communications for premise networks
  • Remote sensing
  • Remote health monitoring

Key Features

  • Multitech certified HSPA+ Mini PCI Express cellular modem
  • Penta-band antenna and RF cable
  • Aeris SIM
  • Evaluation data plan

Key Benefits Attributes

  • Eliminated certification cost
    • Global carrier and RF standards-body certification
  • Lowest evaluation time
    • Software-compatible and easily installed into Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit
    • SIM and evaluation data plan included (separate agreement at no cost)

Cellular WAN connectivity is growing to be a more popular option for customers, but certification costs, software integration, and carrier contracts are barriers to acceptance.  The Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit breaks down these barriers by providing a certified cellular radio, a SIM, and an evaluation data plan to enable quick connectivity and evaluation.  Also, managing data consumption and device connection status is easy using the online management portal.


Agate Gateway & Cellular Connectivity Kit

The solution comes in the form of two kits, the Agate LS1021A Gateway Kit and the Agate Cellular Connectivity Kit.