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TE Connectivity, I/O Copper Cable Assemblies

I/O and Copper Cable Assemblies


To address the data demand, TE offers the zQSFP+ interconnect system and QSFP28 copper cable assemblies as a high-speed, cost-effective alternative to fiber optics for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand technology applications. TE Connectivity’s zQSFP+ interconnects offer an increased data rate of 28 Gbps in an industry-standard, scalable design that allows for backwards compatibility with QSFP/QSFP+ cables and transceivers, providing a simple upgrade path from 10 Gbps to 28 Gbps. The complete portfolio of interconnects delivers a large range of simple and customizable design options to meet most customer requirements.


  • High speed I/O solutions that support higher data rates than traditional copper interfaces (e.g. RJ-45)
  • Provides a standard interface at the equipment and allows customer to choose between transceiver modules and direct attach cable assemblies based on the application
  • All cages are full metal shielded for grounding and EMI suppression
  • Standards supported include Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand, and SAS

Part Family:

  • 2170088-1: zSFP+ Connector Receptacle 20 Position 0.8mm Solder RA Surface Mount Diode 20 Terminal 1 Port Tape & Reel
  • 1551920-2: QSFP Connector Receptacle 38 Position 0.8mm Solder RA Surface Mount Diode 38 Terminal 1 Port
  • 2231368-1 QSFP: Cable Assembly Ethernet 1m 30AWG 38 Position


TE Connectivity, CXP


CXP connector and cage assembly offers 12 channels of 12.5 Gbps data rates for 150 Gbps of total bandwidth in one-piece press-fit assembly. The TE CXP system complies with InfiniBand CXP 12x QDR and IEEE 100 Gbps Ethernet standards and enables pluggable copper or optical cable options. The system has been engineered for applications in high-speed data environments with EMI gasketing at bezel opening and EMI springs for plug-to-receptacle containment. It provides one-step placement to the host board and comes with multiple heat-sink, light pipe and EMI/dust plug options. Enhanced Footprint (EF), dual sourced footprint offers reduced cross-talk and improved electrical performance.


  • Standard CXP interface complies with InfiniBand CXP 12x QDR and IEEE 100 Gbps Ethernet
  • Provides 12 channels of 12.5 Gbps data rates for 150Gbps of total bandwidth in one-piece press-fit assembly
  • Enhanced Footprint (EF), dual sourced footprint offers reduced cross-talk
  • Pre-assembled (one-piece) connector and cage assembly offers one-step placement to the board
  • EMI gasketing at bezel opening and EMI springs for plug-to receptacle containment
  • CXP cages accommodate belly-to belly mounting (can be applied to both sides of the board)
  • Offering includes multiple heat-sink, light pipe and EMI/dust plug options to fit customer applications
  • 2149159-5 CXP: Connector Receptacle 84 Position Press Fit RA Thru-Hole 84 Terminal 1 Port Tray
  • 2149448-1 CXP: Connector Receptacle 84 Position Press Fit RA Thru-Hole 84 Terminal 1 Port Tray




TE Connectivity, Mini-SAS HD

Mini-SAS HD product family includes compact, high-speed I/O solutions for SAS applications: storage, rack-mount servers, workstations, storage racks, high performance computing, HBAs (host bus adapters), RAID (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks), switches and more. The product family supports speeds up to 12 Gb/s.


  • High Density, High-Speed: Aggregate data transfer of 48 Gb/s; capable of transferring 192 Gb/s in the 1x4 version
  • Compact Size: 0.75mm contact pitch that’s 30% smaller than existing products

Faster Installation:

  • Press-fit termination
  • Pre-assembled, one-piece connector
  • Keying for proper plug orientation


  • 1x1, 1x2 and 1x4 configurations available
  • Plug options for direct passive and active copper cable assemblies
  • Stacked board interface with 36 positions per 1x1
  • Error-Proof: Screw mounted for additional retention
  • 100 Ohm impedance

Part Family:

  • 2149027-1: Connector MINI-SAS Receptacle 36 Position Press Fit RA Thru-Hole 36 Terminal 1 Port


TE Connectivity, Power Connectivity

Power Connectivity

Often left for the latter stages of a design for many server, storage or switching applications, power requirements can sometimes be the most challenging, requiring the most agile solutions for whatever space and cost may be left to work with. Capable, space-saving products that are modular and efficient are critical.


MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors feature a new 3-beam contact, made from a thicker (higher) conductivity material than the original single-beam or 4-beam designs. The new 3-beam design allows for a greater angular mis-alignment between mating connectors and offers a lower mating force.


Two hot-pluggable power contacts to choose from:

  • 50 Amp high power contact
  • 20 Amp low power contact
  • Over 40% lower mating force than original MULTI-BEAM XL connectors
  • Over 40% more current in the same overall PCB space
  • Low-wear contact design passes Telcordia environmental exposure requirements
  • New design allows more angular mis-alignment

Part Family:

  • 6450860-1: Connector Power Receptacle 4Power/8Signal Position Press Fit ST Thru-Hole 40 Terminal 1 Port
  • 6450830-1: Connector Power Plug 4Power/8Signal Position Solder RA Thru-Hole 40 Terminal 1 Port



TE Connectivity, Crown Clip Jr. Connectors

CROWN CLIP Jr. Connectors

Compact, high-current, blind-mate design. Supports true hot-plug, complying with safety regulatory requirements for current interruption under load.


  • Utilizes the well-known ELCON CROWN BAND contact technology.
  • Mates to a solid blade (CROWN CLIP) or laminated bus bar tabs for feed and return currents (CROWN CLIP II and Dual CROWN CLIP).
  • CROWN CLIP is a single pole, float mount socket provides up to 6 degrees of float. CROWN CLIP II is a dual pole, float mount socket offering +/- 1.0mm of bus bar misalignment. Dual CROWN CLIP is a dual pole, feed-through socket allowing insertion of mating blade from either top or bottom of socket.
  • Mating bus bar blades to be .125” (3.18mm) or .118” (3.00mm) thick. Insertion length .650” (16.50mm) minimum, 1.00” (25.40mm) maximum

Part Family:

  • 1551953-1: Pluggable Jumper 2 Position Black Thru-Hole Box/Tray



RAPID LOCK Connectors

TE Connectivity, Rapid Lock Connectors

TE offers a wide selection of blind-mateable “drawer” connectors to suit modular equipment designs. The term “drawer connector” was created to describe a cabinet drawer where the connector is installed at the back of the drawer and is mated by closing the drawer. Since the “drawer” is often times made with a somewhat loose fit — to enable easy opening and closing, the drawer connector must provide sufficient self-alignment and ideally a floating connection to the cabinet or drawer to keep the connection from binding.


  • Wide variety of contact sizes and styles from 1 Amp signals up to power contacts rated at up to 200 Amps each
  • Sequenced contacts for “mate-first-break-last” operation
  • Floating panel-mount connectors float up to +/- 2 mm
  • High durability specific products ranging from 100 to 1000 mate/un-mate cycles
  • Customizable products allow the freedom to add or remove power or signal contacts to meet specific application requirement
  • Most products recognized to US and Canadian requirements under the Component Recognition program of Underwriters Laboratories File No. E28476

Part Family:

  • 1766484-1: Connector Disconnect Bus Bar Connector SKT 1 Position RA Cable Mount 1 Terminal 1 Port:



Backplane & Internal Connectivity

IMPACT Connectors

TE Connectivity, IMPACT Connectors

The IMPACT backplane connector and cable system from TE pushes the speed and density envelope to meet the growing demands of next-generation telecommunication and data networking equipment; the system is available in 2-6 pair configurations with a complete range of guidance and power-solution options plus right-angle cable assemblies.


  • Differential pair density up to 80 pairs per linear inch
  • Broad-edge-coupled, differential-pair system
  • PCB routing complexity and costs are reduced by using 1.90 mm by 1.35 mm (.075" by .053") grid on backplane and daughter card
  • Offers flexibility and advanced mechanical and electrical performance with two compliant-pin attach options
  • Inline staggered, bifurcated contact beams in daughter card interface provides improved mating performance

Part Family:

  • 2007705-1: IMPACT Backplane Connector Receptacle 90 Position 1.9mm Solder RA Thru-Hole
  • 2007786-3: IMPACT Connector High Density HDR 60Signal/30Ground Position 1.9mm Solder ST Thru-Hole Tube




TE Connectivity, Z-Pack TinMan

The Z-PACK TinMan backplane connector family is a cost-effective solution for customers searching for a high density, high performance backplane interconnect system. The Z-PACK TinMan connector design follows proven industry backplane convention by offering a fully protected right-angle receptacle for use on daughtercards where handling damage can be a concern when mating to a vertical male header. This connector permits field reparability at either the module or single pin levels.


  • 10+ Gbps performance
  • 100 ohm Impedance for Differential Pair configuration
  • 5 pair version offers 26 pairs/10mm (66 differential pairs/inch) fitting within a 25.40 (1 .00] card slot pitch
  • 4 pair version offers 21 pairs/10mm 153 differential pairs/inch) fitting within a 20.30 (.8001 card slot pitch
  • 3 pair version offering 16 pairs/10mm 140 differential pairs/inch) fitting within a 16.25 (.6251 card slot pitch
  • Right angle pin headers (coplanar) in 3 pair, 4 pair, and 5 pair versions
  • Reliable, redundant contact design on every signal contact
  • Modular system offered in various column versions
  • Meets Industry reliability requirements of Bellcore/Telcordia
  • Sequencing for ground and signal contacts
  • RoHS Compliant

Family Part:

  • 1934224-1: Connector Backplane Receptacle 120 Position 1.9mm Press Fit RA Thru-Hole
  • 1934311-1: Connector Backplane HDR 120 Postition 1.9mm Press Fit ST Thru-Hole
  • 1982738-1: Connector Backplane Receptacle 96 POS 1.45mm Press Fit RA Thru-Hole
  • 2042088-1: Connector Backplane Male 96 Position 1.45mm Press Fit ST Thru-Hole
  • 2065657-1: Connector Hard Metric Female 80 Position 2.5mm Press Fit RA Thru-Hole
  • 2170330-1: Connector Backplane Header 80 Postion 2.5mm Press Fit ST Thru-Hole



TE Connectivity, Free Height

Free Height

0.5mm Free Height is a two-piece connector system designed for parallel board-to-board stacking applications. The contact system is identical to our popular 0.6mm FH product. The 0.5mm FH product has been chosen by the PICMG COM Express working group as the interface between embedded modules and carrier cards.


Available position sizes:

Available stacking heights:

  • For single connector: 120, 160, 200, 220, and 240 positions
  • For bridged connectors: 240, 320, and 440 positions
  • 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 16mm (limited by position sizes)
  • Giga ground shielding options on all parts
  • RoHS Compliant part numbers available
  • Polarized locating posts

Family Part:

  • 3-6318490-6: Connector Fine Pitch Receptacle 220 POS 0.5mm Solder ST Surface Mount Diode Tray
  • 3-5353652-6: Connector Fine Pitch Plug 440 Position 0.5mm Solder ST Surface Mount Diode Tray


  • Datasheet: TE FreeHeight Product Brief

I/C and Memory Sockets


TE Connectivity, MINI SATA


  • Sockets available in heights from 4mm to 9.9 mm
  • Capable of withstanding 50G mechanical shock testing
  • Contact manufacturing method creates a contact with more stable normal force than other methods
  • Compliant with PCI-SIG standard

Family Part:

  • 1-1735583-1: SATA Connector Receptacle 16 Position 1.27mm Solder RA Surface Mount Diode 16 Terminal 1 Port Tape & Reel
  • 1717832-2: Connector Accessories 52 Position Mini PCI Latch Copper Alloy Tin Over Nickel Finish Tape & Reel
  • 1735284-1: SATA Connector Receptacle 22 Position 1.27mm Solder ST SMD 22 Terminal 1 Port Tray
  • 1735783-3: SATA Connector Plug 15Power/7Signal Position Solder RA SMD 22 Terminal 1 Port Tape & Reel



Cable Assemblies

QSFP28 Copper Cables

TE Connectivity, QSFP 28

TE Connectivity’s QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly features eight differential copper pairs, providing four data transmission channels at speeds up to 28Gbps per channel, and meets 100G Ethernet, 25G Ethernet and InfiniBand Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) requirements. Available in a broad range of wire gages – from 26AWG through 33AWG – this 100G copper cable assembly features low insertion loss and low cross talk.


  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3bj, IEEE 802.3by and InfiniBand EDR
  • Supports aggregate data rates of 100Gbps
  • Optimized construction to minimize insertion loss and cross talk
  • Customized cable braid termination limits EMI radiation
  • Backward compatible with existing QSFP+ connectors and cages
  • Pull-to-release slide latch design
  • 26AWG through 33AWG cable
  • Straight and breakout assembly configurations available
  • Customizable EEPROM mapping for cable signature
  • RoHS compliant

Family Part:

  • 2231368-1: Cable Assembly Ethernet 1m 30AWG 38Position QSFP to 38Position QSFP PL-PL




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