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SCHURTER's circuit protection portfolio includes fuse-links, fuseholders, varistors and circuit breakers for equipment in resettable and non-resettable versions. The portfolio includes a variety of sizes and features that covers systems for power supplies, medical, telecommunications, intrinsically safe applications as well as 277 VAC industrial equipment.

Schurter Fuse Series SHF

Compact, High Performance Cartridge Fuses Offer high VAC & VDC ratings

The SHF and SHT series 6.3x32 compact fuses are for primary protection with higher voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection for up to 1500 A @ 500 VAC and VDC. The combined AC and DC voltage ratings along with a detailed listing of breaking capacity ratings offer a highly reliable fuse approved for use in both AC and DC power applications.

Fuse Series Rated Voltage Rated Current Breaking Capacity Characteristic Dimmensions
SHF Cartridge Fuse

• 440-500 VAC
• 63-500 VDC

1-32 A

1500 A - 20 kA

Quick-Acting F

6.3 x 32 mm

SHT Cartridge Fuse

• 440-500 VAC
• 63-400 VDC

1-32 A

1500 A - 20 kA

Time-Lag T

6.3 x 32 mm

Schurter Fuseholder FUS

Robust Fuseholders Designed for Harsh Environments

The FUS and FUL series shock-safe panel mount fuseholders are rated 16 A @ 500 VAC (4W) according to IEC and up to 32 A @ 600 VAC / VDC according to UL/CSA. The dust and waterproof, IP67 rated, fuseholders are suited for equipment used in harsh or outdoor industrial environments.

Fuse Series Carrier Type Fuse-Link Capacity Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Power Acceptance
FUL with IP67


• 5x20 mm
• 6.3x32 mm

500 VAC (VDE)
600 VAC (UL/CSA)

16 A (VDE)
30 A (UL/CSA)

4 W/ 16 A @ Ta 23°C

FUS with IP67


• 5x20 mm
• 6.3x32 mm

600 VAC / VDC (UL/CSA)

16 A (VDE), 32 A (UL/CSA)

4 W/ 16 A @ Ta 23°C


Shock-Safe Fuseholder, FPG1 Series is UL Rated 16 A @ 400 VAC/ VDC

Schurter, Shock-Safe fuseholder

The FPG1 series is available with IP40 or IP67 seal protection for 5x20 mm fuses with front and rear panel mounting. Terminal connections are made with quick-connect or solder. The compact FPG series meets the new requirements of IEC 60335-1 for appliances in unattended use. This includes the enhanced requirements for glow wire tests according to IEC 60695-2-12 and -13.

Fuse Series Carrier Type Fuse-Link Capacity Voltage Rated Current Rated power Acceptance

Fingergrip / Sclotted

5X20 mm

250 VAC(VDE),

6.3 A (VDE),
16 A (ULCSA)

2.5 W/10 A @ Ta 23°C


Mounting Flexibility with the T9 Thermal Circuit Breaker Series

Schurter T9 PCB

The T9 family of thermal circuit breakers provides push-to-reset overcurrent protection in an array of mounting styles that offer a 1:1 alternative to industry standard closed fuseholders. The mounting options include: vertical and horizontal mount PCB types, quick-connect terminal types for front and rear panel mounting, snap-in or nut fastened types, and a threaded neck rear-mount style. Designed for use in power supplies, UPS, power tools, household and industrial appliances. Learn More.

Circuit Breaker Series # of Poles Method of Tripping Rated Current /Rated Voltage Endurance Interrupting Capacity
T9 Series



3-16 A @ 240 VAC
3-12 A @ 48 VDC
12-16 A @ 32 VDC

6000 cycles @ 1.5x In; In = 10 A - 16 A

8x In / 2000 A



Fuseholders - New Standard for Improved Fire Safety - Grid

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Fuseholders - New Standard for Improved Fire Safety

Effective October 2017, fuseholder & power entry mods w/ fuseholder manufacturers can only market tested & auth products in accord. w/ revised improved fire safety standard, IEC/EN 60127-6 Ed. 2.0. SCHURTER will offer upgraded solutions by deadline.

Fuseholders - New Standard for Improved Fire Safety, Schurter, Avnet

Schurters Guide to Fuse Selection - Grid

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Schurter’s Guide to Fuse & Fuseholder Selection

Download Schurter’s fuse selection guide to find the right product that fits your circuit protection needs

Guide to Thermal Circuit Breaker Selection - Grid

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Guide to Thermal Circuit Breaker Selection

There are many factors to consider when specifying thermal circuit breakers for equipment. In addition to the rated current needed for the load, other parameters such as in-rush current, overload capacity, operating duty and ambient temperature shoul

Shurter, Thermal Circuit Breaker Selection

T9 Diversity of Variants - Grid

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