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Complete system solutions at your fingertips. In today’s fast paced technology environment, designers need to be innovative without compromising time to market. Thinking at the system level is crucial to being able to address design challenges upfront. By offering quality solutions for the two most critical parts of your design, processors and power, Renesas accelerates your development and enables differentiation, while bringing predictability to your application. Whatever your product field – industrial, home electronics, office automation or information communication technology – Renesas is the partner you can rely on from design to production.

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Industrial power solutions

A Complete Power Solution

Renesas offers a complete portfolio of high-performance power solutions for processor, controller, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, DDR memory or other load in your system. Whether you need standard linear regulators, highly flexible PWM controllers, or fully integrated plug-and-play power modules, these products are tailored to meet your design challenges.


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  • Fast transient response
  • Best-in-class ±0.5% initial accuracy and ±1.8% total DC accuracy over full temp range
  • Very low dropout (81mV @ 2A typ)
  • Best-in-class package power density (Up to 3A per 9mm2 )

Switching Regulators

  • Complete portfolio
  • Robust and reliable
  • High integration

Analog Controllers

  • Remote sense, Power-Good, Enable, adjustable soft-start
  • Extensive protection (OCP, OVP, OTP, SCP)
  • Reference tracking, voltage margining
  • Pre-biased start-up, external compensation
  • External frequency synchronization

FPGA Power Solutions

  • Xilinx
  • Intel (formerly Altera)
  • Microsemi
  • Lattice


Highly Integrated 12V Sync Buck Regulator Family   

The ISL850xx sync buck regulators support input voltage of 3.8V to 18V and wide output current range, offering designers a complete portfolio of devices with high efficiency and reliable performance.

Renesas (Intersil) isl85003 chip

Large Selection

  • Wide output current range
  • Pin-compatible products

Robust & Reliable Performance

  • Pgood, Enable, adj. soft start
  • Extensive protection (OCP, OVP, OTP, SCP)
  • External frequency synchronization

High Integration

  • Integrated HS/LS FETs
  • Internal compensation

Target Applications

  • Servers and infrastructure POLs
  • Industrial PCs, factory automation, PLCs
  • General purpose POLs
  • Telecom and networking systems
Part # VIN Range IOUT Package
3.8V to 18V
3.8V to 18V
3.8V to 18V
3.5x3.5 TQFN
3.5x3.5 TQFN
3.5x3.5 TQFN
Renesas (Intersil) isl85009 chip
4.5V to 18V
4.5V to 18V
3x4 DFN
3x4 DFN
Renesas (Intersil) isl85003 chip


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Infrastructure power solutions

A Complete Power Solution

Comprehensive portfolio of digital power management DC/DC controllers and power modules are designed to provide best-in-class efficiency and help streamline the design process. Also available are highly integrated isolated and non-isolated solutions that address every stage of the power chain from high-voltage AC input, AC/DC converters, and DC/DC converters and regulators.

RZ family diagram


Power Modules

  • Simple to design and use
  • Power-dense
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Analog module and digital module

Digital PWM Controllers

  • High performance
  • Flexible
  • Advanced feature sets


Multiphase Controllers

  • Flexible phase configuration
  • PMBus 1.3 and AVSBus compliant
  • Proprietary digital control scheme
  • Supports smart power stage

Smart Power Stage

  • Integrated current sense
  • Integrated drivers and synchronous FETs
  • Integrated protection

ISL681xx AND ISL691xx

Next-Generation Digital Multiphase Controllers and Smart Power Stages

ISL681xx and ISL691xx digital controllers provide up to seven phases assignable in any combination across two outputs and combine with smart power stages to provide a scalable solution from 10A to 450A. The result is enhanced power optimization and more energy-efficient networking and communications infrastructure equipment.

AVSBUS Interface to Communicate with ARM-based Processors

  • General purpose controllers also support network processors, FPGAs, SoCs, and memory

Digital Control Technology for Fast Transient Response and Small Solution Size

  • Supports cloud computing applications for the IoT backbone

Flexible Architecture with Smart Power Stages Support All CPU, Memory, and Aux Power Rails

  • Customize solutions to meet any power requirements

Target Applications

  • Networking equipment
  • Telecom/datacom equipment
  • Server/storage equipment
  • Point-of-load power supply (Memory, DSP, ASIC, FPGA)


ISL681xx Parts       ISL691xx Parts 

13 Intersil precision analog products

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Precision analog products

High-Performance Solutions for Precision Signal Chain Design

Renesas broad precision analog portfolio provides for a wide range of next-gen precision instrumentation, medical, communication, and industrial process control applications where innovation, reliability and dependability are central to the analog designs.

Multi-Cell Battery Management (MCB)

  • Li-ion battery pack monitoring, protection, and balancing IC
  • Ideal for packs from 3 to 12 cells; ensures pack safety and long run time
  • Built-in fault detection for open-wire, overvoltage, undervoltage, over-temperature, and cell mismatch.

Digital Power Monitors (DPM)

  • Simple integrated solution with digital output (I2 C) with alerts
  • Measures voltage, current (high-side and low-side, bi-directional) and calculates power
  • ISL28022/23/25


  • RS-232
  • RS-485/422
  • Dual protocol (ISL3333xE/5xE)

Precision In-Amps

  • Micro-power 5V instrumentation amps down to 60µA
  • Various options for low to high gain capability
  • Excellent for low-power, sensor modules

Precision Op Amps

  • Ultra-low noise, low distortion op amps at 5V and 40V
  • 5V and 40V low drift, precision op amps
  • Excellent balance of power versus performance

Precision VREF

  • Excellent balance of power vs. performance
  • Among the industry’s best temperature drift and accuracy performances

Real Time Clocks

  • High accuracy (low drift) with low parts count
  • Power supervisory and backup management functions
  • 3-in-1 module — feature-rich RTC with onboard crystal and temperature compensation

Digital Potentiometer

  • Non-volatile and volatile
  • EEPROM endurance = 1M cycles, retains data for 50 years
  • Operate up to 125°C
  • 16 to 1024 taps

Switches / Multiplexers

  • Up to ±20V supply
  • Low RON
  • Low capacitance

Data Converters

  • Precision Data Converters
  • High-Speed Data Converters

High-Speed Op Amps

  • Rail-to-rail voltage feedback amplifiers
  • Current feedback amplifiers
  • Slew rate enhanced voltage feedback amplifiers



Stand-alone Battery Protection System Accurately Monitors and Balances Rechargeable Battery Packs

The ISL94202 battery pack monitor enables ultra-small two-terminal designs, and accurately monitors, protects, and cell balances rechargeable battery packs to ensure safe operation and charging. The device supports Li-ion and other battery chemistries used in applications such as vacuum cleaners, lawn equipment, handheld power tools, e-bikes, scooters, toys, and energy storage systems.

  • battery monitor balance
  • Renesas (Intersil) isl94202 chip


Stand-alone Battery Management System

  • Five pre-programmed stages that accurately control each cell of a battery pack to extend operating life

Programmable Protection and Monitoring Features

  • Safeguard battery packs from catastrophic events such as shortcircuit conditions and cell voltage shorts



Highest Level of Integration

  • Cell voltage level shift, automatic cell balance, 14-bit ADC, current sense monitor, power FET control, temperature sensor interface

Target Applications

  • Power tools
  • Battery back-up systems
  • Light electric vehicles
  • Portable equipment


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Synergy™ platform

Get to market faster and easier with Renesas Synergy. As the first fully qualified MCU software and hardware platform, we help you reach more people, sooner.


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Industrial Power Management Solutions

Providing a complete portfolio of high-performance power solutions for processor, controller, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, DDR memory or other loads for today's complex power needs.


Analog ICs and Discretes

Renesas' precision analog portfolio provides a wide range of next-gen precision instrumentation, medical, communication and industrial process control applications where innovation, reliability and dependability is central to the analog designs.


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