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Complete system solutions at your fingertips. In today’s fast paced technology environment, designers need to be innovative without compromising time to market. Thinking at the system level is crucial to being able to address design challenges upfront. By offering quality solutions for the two most critical parts of your design, processors and power, Renesas accelerates your development and enables differentiation, while bringing predictability to your application. Whatever your product field – industrial, home electronics, office automation or information communication technology – Renesas is the partner you can rely on from design to production.


Superior processing for all of your embedded design needs

Renesas SYNERGY™ platform

Develop from the API and innovate more with the Renesas Synergy Platform which integrates a scalable family of microcontrollers with a commercial-grade real-time operating system and middleware, and provides application frameworks that expose scalable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). All the elements of the Synergy Platform are designed from the ground up as a single platform to provide unprecedented scalability and compatibility, not just across hardware, but also across software, allowing unparalleled design reuse.

S5D3 MCU with Advanced Security for IIOT

The Synergy ™ S5D3 Low Power MCU features advanced security for industrial IoT (IIoT) endpoint devices through the integration of the Secure Cryptographic Engine (SCE7). It is built on a highly efficient 40nm process, and fully supported by the Synergy Software Package (SSP), which allows customers to do seamless transition between different products using a common API. The S5D3 MCU Group offers a new product tier for applications requiring a high-performance Cortex M4F core and features large embedded RAM - suitable for handling communication stacks to bring up performance without an external component.


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S5D3 Target Board


S1JA MCU with Programmable Analog for IIOT

The Synergy™ S1JA Low Power MCU with integrated programmable analog features highly integrated, high-accuracy analog capabilities.  With a 48 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core and integrated best-in-class programmable analog and security functions, it is ideal for high-accuracy sensor signal acquisition and conditioning. These MCUs target cost-sensitive and low-power Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor applications such as flow control meters, multisensor systems, headless medical monitors and instrumentation systems, and single-phase electricity meters. The S1JA MCU is ideal because it provides flexible analog functions that are programmable, allowing customers to explore algorithms that can maximize application performance.


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S1JA Target Board


Synergy platform SSP



Standardized APl

  • Abstracts dependencies, ensures portability, and accelerates product development
  • Provides easy access to the SSP and Software Add-ons

Powerful Software

  • Consists of widely-deployed, commercial-grade ThreadX® RTOS, extensive Middleware, Application Frameworks, Functional Libraries, and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) Drivers

Versatile Microcontrollers

  • Comprised of low-power Cortex® M0+ MCUs to high-performance Cortex M4-based chips
  • Up to 4 MB of flash and cryptographic algorithms in hardware

Rich Tools & Kits

  • Includes industry-leading IDE, debug and design tools: IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas Synergy™, C-RUN®, C-STAT®, GUIX™ and TraceX®
  • Development Kits to jump-start evaluation

Software Add-Ons

  • Verified Software Add-ons (VSAs) add specialty functions from third-party experts; certified by Renesas to be SSP compatible
  • Qualified Software Add-ons (QSAs) are tested, licensed, and serviced by Renesas

Full Solution

  • Application Examples (AEs) to highlight key technologies enabled by the Synergy Platform
  • Product Examples (PEs) provide design instances of actual end products for a great start

Single-Source Delivery

  • Implements the online destination for everything related to Synergy Software
  • Go to production with simple click-through licensing



Range, Features, Scalability, and much more. The Renesas Synergy Platform includes four different series of upward software-, architecture-, and pin-compatible Synergy MCUs. The advanced S7 Series (High Performance), S5 Series (High Integration), S3 Series (High Efficiency), and S1 Series (Ultra-Low Power) MCUs utilize the popular ARM® Cortex®-M CPU architecture. The devices implement easy connectivity, rock-solid security, dependable safety, and facilitate the creation of easy-to-use human-machine interfaces.

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The high-performance 240 MHz S7 Series MCUs feature secure connectivity and industry-leading flash memory density.

The highly integrated 120 MHz S5 Series MCUs balance processing performance with large memory and an extensive array of built-in features.

High-efficiency 48 MHz S3 Series MCUs are low-power chips that integrate up to 1 MB of Flash and 192 KB of SRAM.

Ultra-low-power 32 MHz S1 Series MCUs operate down to 1.6 V and feature low-power operating modes and fast wake-up times.


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Renesas RZ family of MPUs

Combining high-performance, control, and connectivity

The RZ Family of high-end ARM®-based microprocessors (MPUs) fuses control and information technology (IT) to provide the solutions necessary to enable the smart society of the future. From the RZ/A MPU, with up to 10 MB of on-chip SRAM for applications such as human machine interface (HMI), to the RZ/G Series of MPUs with support for 3D graphics and full high-definition (FHD) video, to the RZ/T Series SoC for industrial automation and high-performance motor control, Renesas has the microprocessors you need to realize your next “big idea.”

Renesas RZ family diagram


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Renesas RX family microcontrollers

RX600/RX700 series

Up to 240 DMIPS at 120 MHz & 4.25 CoreMark®/MHz

The Renesas RX600 Series of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) is ideal for systems that require high performance, excellent connectivity, LCD drive, and motor control capability. The RX Family MCUs deliver superior performance in core processing, code efficiency, and power consumption.

High Performance

  • With the RXv2 core, newer RX600/RX700 MCUs offer 2.00 DMIPS/MHz and 4.25 CoreMark/MHz with enhancements for floating point and DSP operations
  • Industry’s only 40 nm embedded flash process with zero wait states up to 120 MHz, integrating up to 4 MB Flash and 512 KB SRAM
  • With RXv2 CPU core and 40 nm, RX64M/RX71M consume only 133 µA per MHz with peripherals off

Superior Connectivity

  • Dual Ethernet with IEEE 1588 Version 2 support
  • Dual USB with full-speed support
  • Three CAN channels
  • SD Host Interface transfer speed up to 15 Mbytes/sec
  • MMC Interface transfer speed up to 30 Mbytes/sec
  • QSPI transfer speed up to 120 Mbits/sec
  • SPI transfer speed up to 30 Mbits/sec
  • SCI with FIFO transfer speed up to 15 Mbits/sec
  • Camera Interface with 8-bit parallel data interface
  • Two-channel I2S compliant serial-sound interface


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RX600/RX700 Series

RX200 series

88 DMIPS Performance at 54 MHz; 120 µA/MHz 32-bit MCUs    

The 32-bit MCUs in the Renesas RX200 Series, like those in the high performance RX600 Series and the entry-level RX100 Series, are based on the high-performance RX CPU core and feature-rich RX architecture. The RX200 Series is optimized for power efficiency and offers best-in-class digital-signal processing (DSP) capabilities and advanced peripherals, making it the ideal choice for applications requiring moderately high levels of computing capability.

Low Power

  • 120 μA/MHz (peripherals off)
  • 0.8 μA power down with RTC on
  • 0.3 μA power down with RTC off
  • 0.5 μs wake-up

Advanced Peripherals

  • Capacitive Touch
  • USB 2.0
  • Safety/Security
  • SD Host Interface
  • CAN (ISO 11898-1 Compliant)

High Performance

  • 1.64 DMIPS/MHz
  • 88 DMIPS at 54 MHz
  • Enhanced DSP


  • 1.8 V to 5.5 V operation
  • 1.8 V operation at up to 20 MHz
  • Zero wait-state flash with erase/ write operation down to 1.8 V


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RX100 series

Lowest-power, Lowest-cost 32-bit MCUs  

The 32-bit MCUs in the RX100 Series, like those in the high-performance RX600 Series and the mid-level RX200 Series, are based on the high-performance RX CPU core and feature-rich RX architecture. The RX100 Series is optimized for portable, battery-backed applications and offers best-in-class DSP capabilities, making it the ideal choice for power-sensitive applications that also require moderate levels of computing capability. RX100 MCUs offer extensive on-chip peripherals, fast zero wait-state Flash, and achieve 50 DMIPS performance at 32 MHz.

Low Power/Fast Wake-up

  • 100 μA/MHz (peripherals off)
  • 350 nA in standby mode
  • 4.8 µs wake-up time

DSP Ready

  • Single-cycle MAC
  • Hardware-based divide
  • Extensive DSP library

Best-In-Class Performance

  • 3.08 CoreMark®/MHz
  • 1.56 DMIPS/MHz
  • 50 DMIPS @ 32 MHz

Advanced Peripherals

  • Capacitive Touch
  • USB 2.0
  • LCD Control
  • Safety


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RX Family Starter Kit/Promo Board

Target boards provide a positive out-of-the-box experience for users interested in evaluating, prototyping and developing for the RX MCU family. The board kits come with all required hardware and only require the latest software tools download at Since these boards incorporate an emulator circuit, it can be used for your own design without the need for further tool investments. The target boards provide through-holes for pin headers that allow access to all MCU signal pins, allowing an easy prototyping with a breadboard. The RX family target board is quite inexpensive and the PCB can be re-used for all variations since the RX MCU family has a common pin assignment design.

RX130 Capacitive Evaluation Kit


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This target board features the RX130 MCU, which features a capacitive touch sensor used to improve detection methods and touch keys that can now be applied to a variety of materials (e.g. wood, other than the typical acrylic or glass). The RX130 has a lot of built-in functional safety hardware, and can easily support the IEC/UL60730 safety standard for consumer electronics with vastly improved noise immunity, sensitivity and wet-condition capability. It is an ideal fit to consumer electronics products that are used in wet environments such as in the kitchen or bath.


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RX64M Family Microcontroller Starter Kit


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RSK RX231 Kit (e2 studio)

RSK RX231 Kit (e2 studio) – This target board features the RX231 MCU, which implements the industry's top level communication security and encryption functions. It is also equipped with capacitive touch sensor capabilities that combine high sensitivity with a high level of noise tolerance, as well as SD host interface, USB, and CAN communication functionality. The RX231 is suitable for applications in industrial, home appliance, healthcare, smart meter, IoT, and other fields.


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RSK+RX65N KIT (E2 & E2 LITE) – This target board features the RX65N MCU, which addresses advanced security needs for connected devices. These MCUs define a new level of performance with RX v2 core improvements and reduced power consumption. High integration includes improved code flash memory, large embedded RAM, embedded security and HMI support.  The RX65N MCU is targeted at  industrial automation, building automation, and smart metering systems.


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Renesas RX65N Starter Kit

RL78 family microcontrollers

The true Low Power™ microcontroller platform    

The RL78 Family of microcontrollers combines advanced low-power technology, outstanding performance, and the broadest lineup in its class for the most demanding 8- and 16-bit embedded applications.

The RL78 MCUs’ innovative “Snooze” mode achieves ultra-low power by allowing ADC operation and serial communication while the CPU is turned off. This makes the RL78 MCUs best-in-class for low-power applications.

Why RL78?

  • World’s leading lowpower performance for equivalent MCUs in its class
  • Scalability of lineup, including smart pin layout
  • System cost-saving features
  • Wide voltage operation
  • Wide temperature operation
  • Built-in safety features

True Low Power

  • 66 μA/MHz operation1
  • 0.57 μA (RTC & LVD)
  • Snooze mode

Broad Scalability

  • 10 to 128 pins
  • 1 KB to 512 KB Flash
  • Full compatibility

System Cost Reduction

  • Data flash with 1 million erase cycles
  • 32 MHz internal oscillator (+/- 1%)
  • Built-in temperature sensor and Vref

High Efficiency

  • Up to 1.39 DMIPS/MHz
  • 1.6 V to 5.5 V operation
  • Up to 32 MHz operation High Quality and Safety
  • Flash memory with ECC
  • IEC60730 safety functions
  • High temperature support

Extensive Ecosystem

  • Industry-standard development tools
  • Third-party support
  • Online resources


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